What we do

Vegan Australia aims to effectively promote veganism through a broad range of activities, based on our underlying principles contained in our Vision and mission.

Our activities are limited by our resources, so if you are interested in helping please volunteer.

Also see About our organisation.

Vegan news

The latest news from Vegan Australia plus vegan and animal rights news from around Australia and the world. Read more →

Meet the Vegan Australia team

The Vegan Australia team is made up of hardworking and dedicated volunteers who help Vegan Australia be an effective vegan advocacy organisation. The team includes our board directors, our talented... Read more →

Moving to a vegan agricultural system for Australia

Real concern for the suffering of animals is growing in Australia. The majority of people are against cruelty to animals and many people now understand that they have no need... Read more →

Vegan Australia Certified product list

Are you a business? Click here to learn how to certify your products. The Vegan Australia Certified logo is a simple and reliable symbol for vegan products and services. The... Read more →

Research projects

Vegan Australia carries out research in a number of areas, including the most effective ways to promote veganism, how to counter the marketing techniques of the animal industries and the... Read more →

Media releases

Vegan Australia campaigns through the media by publishing media releases responding to current issues relevant to veganism and announcing new research. Read more →

In the media

One of the aims of Vegan Australia is to advocate for veganism to the public through articles and media appearances in newspapers, magazines, online, radio and TV. Below are some... Read more →

Submissions to inquiries

To help promote veganism as mainstream, Vegan Australia lobbies governments by making submissions to inquiries ranging from animal rights and welfare to the environment, education, health, nutrition and diet.¬† Below... Read more →

Vegan Australia campaigns

Vegan Australia plans to initiate a number of campaigns directed towards promoting a vision of a vegan world. Below we explore some potential campaigns. If you are interested in becoming... Read more →

Vegan directory

Vegan Australia provides services to help new and existing vegans. These include the lists and guides below. If there is anything else you feel could be helpful, please contact us.... Read more →