Aussie icon Drumstick launches new certified vegan ice cream range

Just in time for summer, Drumstick has launched a collection of vegan flavours that are Vegan Australia Certified!

The launch follows a number of other iconic Australian brands, including Vegemite, who are realising the benefits of offering products certified by Vegan Australia to meet the needs of the growing plant-based community.

"For some time now, we've received requests from Drumstick fans to make a vegan Drumstick. With over 12% of Australia's population now choosing a plant-based diet, Drumstick wanted to offer a broader range of flavours to both vegan enthusiasts and ice cream lovers alike" said Andrea Hamori, Director of Marketing at Peters Ice Cream. "We heard our Drumstick fans, so we developed this collection for them and everyone who loves ice cream."

The Drumstick Vegan collection comes in three new flavours, all encased in a crunchy chocolate wafer cone:

  • Affogato - A blend of coffee and vanilla bean, with espresso sauce throughout and on top
  • Vanilla Bean Choc Almond - A blend of vanilla bean and chocolate, with dark chocolate sauce and roasted almonds on top
  • Raspberry & Coconut - A blend of coconut and black raspberry sauce with toasted coconut

"Our team of expert food technologists has developed a creamy recipe that uses coconut milk as the base, to guarantee a smooth icecream texture that we all expect from a Drumstick. But we didn't want to just stop at Vanilla. We chose to take this range to another level in terms of indulgence, by adding a crunchy chocolate wafer cone as well as decadent syrups and toppings," said Andrea Hamori.

Many brands are choosing Vegan Australia Certified to give their customers confidence that their products have passed the highest standard of certification and are free from animal products, are not tested on animals, and have been made without using animal products in the production process.

"We're excited to certify an iconic Australian brand such as Drumstick for it's new vegan range" said Heath Kilgour, Certification Manager, Vegan Australia. "Fans of Australia's number 1 selling ice cream cone can be confident that the collection meets the strictest standards of certification".

The entire Drumstick Vegan range is available at Coles, Woolworths & Independent grocery stores from early-January. Each flavour will come in a multi-pack of 4 RRP $9.99. Individual packs will also be available at convenience stores nationally.

Vegan Australia welcomes all products that may meet the standard to enquire about certification. Certification removes doubt and signals to consumers that the brand cares about a better future and supports the vegan industry.

Vegan Australia certifies a range of vegan products including food, beverages, alcohol, fashion, cosmetics, cleaning products, vitamins and even menu items from restaurants.


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  • Ginger Neimo
    commented 2020-02-09 23:07:50 +1100
    One must understand, that people who want to eat cruelty free products, should not support a company, when they are aware the co- parent company still tests on animals or has animals abuse history, simply because it starts to add a vegan product to their repertoire, If they choose to ignore this, then these people are hypocrites, because they are then supporting companies who support animal cruelty.
  • Lisa Smith
    commented 2020-02-09 21:56:16 +1100
    I am happy to see companies adding vegan/plant based options to their repertoire, and I will support that. Unless they have support, the vegan options can’t grow. I absolutely LOVE the vanilla and chocolate one, and was delighted to see the chocolate cone as well. They are too expensive, frankly, so I can only buy them on special. But is you have lots of specials, you will grow your market on these. Not as creamy as Streets vegan products, but I think they are lower in fat, so they get my vote. Plus they are larger than the Streets one.
  • Ginger Neimo
    commented 2020-01-21 17:19:36 +1100
    Gee, lucky I came across the comments, as I was thinking of buying some tonight, but now will not, as I will never support any company that supports animal cruelty .
  • claire f
    commented 2020-01-20 16:44:47 +1100
    Sorry but when the co-parent company continues to test on animal and has a long and horrific history of both human and non-human animal rights abuses, their products are plant based. Not vegan.
  • Fre Smith
    commented 2020-01-15 14:31:29 +1100
    Hi there

    I still find it difficult to be happy about this one.

    I think if a company has “vegan products” but also still continues to sell and profit from products that contain animals.

    They are just trying to ride the “Vegan train”.

    Its not ethical in my opinion to sell both.

    You are either supporting Animal rights or your not. Sorry I’m very black and white about this topic!

    Cheers 😊🙌