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Veganism: "a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."

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Government warned about biosecurity risks of animal agriculture

Vegan Australia has warned the Australian Government of the biosecurity risks of animal agriculture. The Department of Agriculture recently invited comment on Australia's biosecurity system. While the consultation was mainly... Read more →

Melbourne among top 10 vegan-friendly cities

Melbourne has been selected by HappyCow as one of the top 10 vegan-friendly cities in the world. 2022 sees a worldwide trend in vegan business growth, with HappyCow reporting more... Read more →

Parliamentary report into food production backs plant-based industry

A recent report to the NSW Parliament has recognised those Australians who are calling for a phaseout of animal agriculture and a transition to plant-based diets. Vegan Australia made a... Read more →

6 events to celebrate 2022 World Vegan Month

It's nearly World Vegan Month 2022 and Australia is celebrating in animal-friendly style! Below we list 6 of the biggest events from around Australia. There are many more events happening... Read more →

Give vegan a go this World Vegan Month

Vegan Easy and Vegan Australia are at it again with the launch of their latest 30-day Vegan Easy Challenge this November! The Challenge kicks off on World Vegan Day, 1... Read more →

Pledge for Animals: How the parties rate

Check out how the parties have voted on Vegan Australia's Pledge for Animals, so you can make an informed vote at the next election. This federal election, Vegan Australia and... Read more →

Ask your candidates to sign the Pledge for Animals

Would you like your local candidates in the upcoming Australian federal election to promise to do more for animals? Just enter your details below and we will automatically find your... Read more →

Vegan input into NSW food security inquiry

Note: submissions have now closed. Thank you to the over 450 supporters who signed the petition and made their own submissions. A NSW parliament inquiry is looking into food security,... Read more →

2021: Year in review - veganism goes mainstream

2021 has been a remarkable year - in so many ways. Here is an overview of Vegan Australia's 2021. A successful World Vegan Month Now that World Vegan Month has... Read more →

We've asked the Prime Minister to go vegan at COP26. Will he do it?

Vegan Australia has teamed up with Vegan Easy to send an invitation to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging him to take up a 30-day vegan challenge for the COP26 climate... Read more →

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