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Veganism: "a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."

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Meat industry could cause next global pandemic, new report finds

A new report from Harvard Law School and New York University has found that the next global pandemic could originate from the meat industry in the United States. Many diseases,... Read more →

Mass media ignores animal agriculture in climate news

A research collaboration between Faunalytics and Sentient Media has found that very little US media coverage of climate change focuses on animal agriculture, a major source of greenhouse gases. Even... Read more →

Tax Office urged to allow tax deductible donations for all animal charities

A government inquiry into increasing donations to charities has been urged to allow tax deductible donations (DGR) for all charities advocating for animals. In a submission to the Productivity Commission's... Read more →

World Day for the End of Fishing 2023

Each year, the World Day for the End of Fishing highlights the devastating impact of fishing and fish farming on the trillions of individual aquatic animals raised, caught and killed... Read more →

NSW Health Nutrition Standards urged to be more vegan focussed

A review by NSW Health into the NSW Nutrition Standards has been recommended to be more inclusive of vegans. The Nutrition Standards are used to provide appropriate food to patients... Read more →

Food security inquiry told to shift away from animal agriculture

A government inquiry into food security in Australia has been told to transition the agricultural system away from animal production to other uses of the land. In a submission to... Read more →

Flave: first all-vegan restaurant chain to be certified by Vegan Australia

Congratulations to Flave for recently becoming the first all-vegan restaurant chain to be certified by Vegan Australia. Offering healthy, tasty and affordable meals, all free from animal products, this month... Read more →

Government warned about biosecurity risks of animal agriculture

Vegan Australia has warned the Australian Government of the biosecurity risks of animal agriculture. The Department of Agriculture recently invited comment on Australia's biosecurity system. While the consultation was mainly... Read more →

Melbourne among top 10 vegan-friendly cities

Melbourne has been selected by HappyCow as one of the top 10 vegan-friendly cities in the world. 2022 sees a worldwide trend in vegan business growth, with HappyCow reporting more... Read more →

We are heading towards a vegan world

Profile of a vegan: Cat White's mind was opened after reading a book. Here is her vegan story. Early in the relationship with my husband, I met two of his... Read more →

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