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Summary of how to apply for certification

  1. Check: Read the standard to check your products are vegan.
  2. Apply: Complete the online application form. If you have any queries, please contact us.
  3. Review: We will review your application and check all ingredients. If more information is needed, we will contact you.
  4. Agreement: If we confirm your products are vegan, we will then ask you read and agree to the licence agreement.
  5. Payment: Pay the annual licence fee.
  6. Certification: We will send you the hi-res graphics of the logo above and a certificate and update our products list.
  7. Thank you!

The Vegan Australia Certified program sets the standard for authentic vegan food and products in Australia. Under the program, product makers may display the Vegan Australia Certified logo on licensed vegan items that meet our strict criteria. The logo indicates to your customers that the product does not contain animal ingredients and none of the manufacturing or testing processes involve animals or animal products. It's simple: if your product meets our standard you can certify it and give your customers the confidence to enjoy your product, safe in the knowledge that it really is vegan.

Under the Vegan Australia Certified program each product is certified on its own merits, so not all of your products have to be vegan. This encourages makers to develop vegan products and to improve their labelling.

Vegan Australia aims to make veganism more available, convenient and accepted. The Vegan Australia Certified logo is one way to introduce the concept of veganism to the public and to further the movement towards a world where animals are no longer used by humans for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose.

Along with the booming demand for vegan products in Australia, there is a growing demand from businesses for national vegan certification. Thousands of products in a variety of sectors have been certified and more are being added all the time. See our Vegan Australia Certified product list.

A Vegan Australia Certified logo on your products can increase sales, attracting not only more vegan customers but also those interested in consuming more ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly products. The logo is easily recognised and allows people to shop without constantly consulting ingredient lists. Research has shown that people who buy vegan food are more likely to buy a product that is clearly marked as vegan.

Research by the UK Vegan Society has found that an overwhelming majority of people (vegan or otherwise) who were in the market for vegan goods actively seek out vegan verification logos when shopping for new products. For vegan food and drink, over 95% of respondents looked for vegan verification. A recent UK survey found that 34% of all shoppers look for an on-pack symbol when attempting to determine whether a product is animal-free.

Makers of certified products can benefit by using the logo on packaging, menus, associated promotional materials, social media and anywhere online. If all your products are certified vegan then you may place the logo anywhere your business name appears. Customers can see at a glance that your business produces quality, ethical products.

If you are a restaurant or cafe and want to add more vegan options to your menu, contact a menu consultant like Every Seat at the Table.

You can download the Vegan Australia Certified Introduction overview pamphlet to print out and share.

Vegan Australia Certified standard

All certified products and services registered with the Vegan Australia Certified program meet the criteria set out in the Vegan Australia Certified standard. This ensures that certified products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and that animal products have not been used during the manufacturing process. The trade mark is registered with IP Australia as trade mark 1944358 and the standard and associated rules are approved by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). See also the Certificate of Trade Mark Registration.

How to apply for certification

To apply for certification, organisations should read the standard to confirm their products are vegan and then complete the online application form. Please complete the application carefully.

All information submitted to Vegan Australia in an application for certification will be treated as confidential and we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

After we receive all the information our team will review your application and check each submitted product against our standard. We may request further information to verify any ingredients that may be animal derived. If it is then found that the products comply with the standard, we will then ask you read and agree to the Vegan Australia Certified Trade Mark Licence and to transfer the annual licence fee. We will then issue you with a certificate of registration for the certified products along with details of how to use the Vegan Australia Certified logo. For any queries please contact Vegan Australia.

How much does it cost to certify products

For most products, an annual fee is charged to certify vegan products and to licence the Vegan Australia Certified trade mark. The fee is based on the total expected gross annual sales value of all the certified products combined. The annual fee is a base fee of $150 plus $100 for every $100,000 (or part thereof) of this total sales value.

The fee covers an unlimited number of products. Products are certified for one year, after which certification must be renewed.

For products which are all made in one batch, such as a wine of a particular year, the fee is based on the estimated sales value of the entire batch, using the same formula as above. In this case, the certification and trade mark licence remain valid for the life of the product.

The licence fee does not include GST. If the applicant is within Australia then GST is payable and it will be added to the invoice. GST is not payable for applicants outside Australia.

These terms and conditions may be revised at any time. Last updated July 2022.

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