Research projects

Vegan Australia carries out research in a number of areas, including the most effective ways to promote veganism, how to counter the marketing techniques of the animal industries and the impacts of a vegan agricultural system. Some of these projects are listed below.

If Australia goes vegan, will there be enough land to feed everyone?

This is a talk given by Greg McFarlane at the Animal Activists Forum in October 2019. Good afternoon. In this talk I will look at some of the objections people... Read more →

Moving to a vegan agricultural system for Australia

Real concern for the suffering of animals is growing in Australia. The majority of people are against cruelty to animals and many people now understand that they have no need... Read more →

Business case for vegan options in non-vegan restaurants

There is a growing trend for consumers to opt for healthy and cruelty-free fare. Vegan Australia's Vegan dining campaign assists restaurants to tap into this expanding market. By providing a... Read more →

A systems advocacy approach to promoting veganism

This article by Greg McFarlane looks at systems advocacy in general, gives some examples of it and then looks at how it can be applied to vegan advocacy. It ends... Read more →

The lifecycle of a vegan

Why are some people vegan?  More importantly, why are some people not? This is a talk given by Greg McFarlane at the Living Green Festival in Canberra on 14 October... Read more →

The link between meat production and human rights

By Aloysia Brook Preface This paper provides a somewhat alternative voice as to the causes of climate change and environmental destruction from a human rights perspective. Throughout this paper, I... Read more →

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