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Send a question to Climate Solutions episode on ABC Q+A this Monday

This Monday, the ABC TV Q+A program is doing an episode on Climate Solutions. Unfortunately they will probably ignore the major contribution of animal agriculture to global warming, so we encourage... Read more →

More farms transitioning away from animal agriculture

The movement to transition out of animal farming is gaining momentum in Australia and around the world, particularly in response to the worsening climate emergency and the significant contribution animal... Read more →

Join the Worldwide Climate Save Movement

With ten groups in Australia, the Climate Save Movement is an international alliance of 189 groups in 49 countries aiming to reverse catastrophic climate change by ending animal agriculture, reforesting... Read more →

Aussie icon Drumstick launches new certified vegan ice cream range

Just in time for summer, Drumstick has launched a collection of vegan flavours that are Vegan Australia Certified! The launch follows a number of other iconic Australian brands, including Vegemite,... Read more →

350,000 people worldwide will do Veganuary

Happy new year to you all! Even though January has already started, you still have time to take part in Veganuary! Over 350,000 people are expected to have signed up to... Read more →

Ethical veganism is now a protected belief in the UK

A UK court last week established that ethical veganism is a protected philosophical belief under UK equality law. This means that vegans will be protected from discrimination by law. The... Read more →

The Game Changers 'Hacked'

Since its release on Netflix, The Game Changers documentary has been criticised by a number of mainstream media sources. One of the main points of the film is that, as... Read more →

Emergency Christmas Drought Appeal for Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

"We have never seen anything like this before." - Brad King, Farm Animal Rescue Farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia are currently experiencing the harshest conditions they have ever faced. The... Read more →

Carbon farming boost in Western Australia

As we move towards a vegan agricultural system in Australia, carbon farming will be an important way to reuse some of the 54% of Australian land currently used by the... Read more →

Vegan advice: Can I keep using non-vegan products I already have?

Are you experiencing a vegan dilemma? Need advice on anything vegan? Send your questions to [email protected] (subject line: Vegan Dilemma). Read more questions and answers at our Ask me anything... Read more →