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New Vegan Easy video series caps off June Challenge

Vegan Australia partner charity Vegan Easy has created an entertaining new video series (featured below). These are great resources to share with new vegans and plant-curious friends and family. The... Read more →

Help protect wildlife - one week to make a submission

Vegan Australia campaigns for the rights of all animals to be respected. We usually do this by promoting veganism and by highlighting in particular the suffering of farmed animals who... Read more →

Join World Vegan Burger Day on Friday 28 May

This World Vegan Burger Day¬†show the world that vegan burgers are not only delicious and versatile but also better for animals and the environment. It's easy to join: just eat... Read more →

Help make the June Vegan Easy Challenge huge!

Please spread the word! The June Vegan Easy Challenge is still 10 days away and already attracting lots of attention. We have regular giveaways and major prizes from our generous... Read more →

Take the free 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge this June and win!

The month of June is your chance to create a kinder world alongside thousands of other people making the switch to a more healthy and sustainable life. The Vegan Easy... Read more →

Vegan input given to Preventive Health Strategy inquiry

Vegan Australia recently made a submission to the Australian Department of Health on its Draft National Preventive Health Strategy. The submission (below) was made in response to this consultation survey.... Read more →

7 reasons to go vegan for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and there's never been a more crucial time to take action for the future of our planet. In the face of the devastating consequences of climate... Read more →

Vegan Australia partners with Vegan Easy

Vegan Australia is excited to announce our new partnership with Vegan Easy and the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge! Vegan Easy is Australia's longest running 30-day vegan challenge and was... Read more →

Dietary Guidelines review: have your say!

The Australian Dietary Guidelines, the standard that is used to guide the nation to healthy eating, is up for review and they want to know what you think should be... Read more →

Greta Thunberg blasts ban on labels for vegan food

The European animal agriculture industry is in a panic about the rising popularity of vegan foods. In a bid to counter the increase they have already convinced the European government... Read more →