Vegan Australia Certified product list

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The Vegan Australia Certified logo is a simple and reliable symbol for vegan products and services. The logo helps you choose products you can trust and will save you time. No more reading labels, interpreting ingredients or contacting the manufacturer - we've done it for you!

When you see a product with the Vegan Australia Certified logo, you can be sure it meets the high standards for vegan products set by Vegan Australia: free from animal products, not tested on animals and no animal products used in the production process. If the product has been made in a facility that also handles animal products, then the manufacturer will have taken all reasonable steps to avoid cross-contamination.

If you know of any vegan products that currently do not display the Vegan Australia Certified logo, please contact the maker and suggest they join up. This will not only help other people easily find vegan products, it will also let makers know that people are looking for ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Listed below are all products certified to use the "Vegan Australia Certified" logo. Please note that some of these businesses may also produce non-vegan products. At the end of this page are products that have been withdrawn from certification.

Featured products



Addiction Food - 14 products, certificate 18128 valid to 16 May 2021:
Funky Fudge Brownie, Funky Macadamia Brownie, Funky Walnut Brownie, Double Chocolate and Almond Brownie, Hemp Seed Brownie Bar, Orange & Coconut Truffle, Mint & Coconut Truffle, Glow Bar, Raw Ginger Power Bar, Superfood Powerball, Bliss Ball, Apricot & Goji Berry Bomb, Fig Apple Slice, Fig Apple And Walnut Slice

Altimate Foods - 49 products, certificate 18097 valid to 3 Jan 2022:
Altimate 21 Funtime Wafer Cones, Altimate 21 Funtime Wafer Cup Cones, Altimate 28 Mini Cones, Altimate Double Cones, Altimate Kidz Cones, Altimate Mini Cones (Nat), Altimate Mini Cones, Altimate Single Ice Cream Cones (AS208), Altimate Single Ice Cream Cones (AS400), Altimate Single Pink Cone, Altimate Small Cup Cones, Altimate Superior Single Cones (Exp), Altimate Wafer Sheets, Flat Top Sugar Cone A, Flat Top Sugar Cone B (Gluten Free), Flat Top Sugar Cone B, Flat Top Sugar Cone C, Gluten Free Medium Waffle Cones, Ice Cream Wafers Natural, Natural Top Waffle Cone A, Natural Top Waffle Cone B - Black, Natural Top Waffle Cone B - Chocolate, Natural Top Waffle Cone B - Green Tea, Natural Top Waffle Cone B - No Colour/No Flavour, Natural Top Waffle Cone B, Natural Top Waffle Cone C - Choc/Vanilla Flavour, Natural Top Waffle Cone C - Salted Caramel, Natural Top Waffle Cone C, Natural Top Waffle Cone D, Natural Top Waffle Cone E, Salted Caramel Waffle Cones, Waffle Basket, Waffle Cones - Large (12), Waffle Cones - Large (36), Waffle Cones - Medium, Waffle Crunch Fines (Black), Waffle Crunch Fines (Natural), Waffle Crunch Fines (Salted Caramel), Waffle Crunch Large Natural, Waffle Crunch Large Salted Caramel, Waffle Cups Medium, Waffle Discs Plain, Plain Rolled Wafers, Choc Wafer Rolls, Choc Wafer Cannoli 80mm, Choc Wafer Cannoli 125mm, Waffle Crunch Large Green Tea, Waffle Crunch Large Black, Choc Wafer Straws

Anglo - 1 product, certificate 18182 valid to 23 Oct 2021:
Worcestershire Sauce

Apennine Gourmet Foods - 1 product, certificate 18124 valid to 13 May 2021:
Plant Based Bolognese Sauce

Atelier Chocolat Home of Pain et Chocolat - 9 products, certificate 18126 valid to 15 May 2021:
65% Dark Chocolate With Sourdough & Smoked Salt, 65% Dark Chocolate With Fig, Fennel & Almonds, 72% Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs, 65% Dark Chocolate With Turkish Delight, Pistachios & Rose Petals, 80% Bean to Bar Chocolate, Origin Chuncho, Peru, Intenso Mocha Bean to Bar Chocolate, Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate Spread, Dehydrated Apples Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Dehydrated Oranges Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Bakery du Jour - 1 product, certificate 18187 valid to 16 Nov 2021:
Bakery du Jour Vegan Croissant 3 Pack

Bondi Organics - 7 products, certificate 18148 valid to 1 Oct 2021:
Blueberry + Acai Superfood Bar, Cacao + Mint Superfood Bar, Apricot + Macadamia Superfood Bar, Banana + Walnut Superfood Bar, Triple Choc Protein Powder, Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder, Berry Blast Protein Powder

Bonvit - 15 products, certificate 18173 valid to 2 Oct 2021:
Dandelion Blend Medium, Dandelion Blend Fine, Dandelion Blend Coarse, Dandelion Blend Filter Bags, Dandelion Chai Filter Bags, Dandelion Turmeric Chai Filter Bags, Blue Dandelion Filter Bags, Blue Dandelion Instant, Instant Chicory, Rooibos Tea Filter Bags, Prune All Spread, Date Spread, Prune Juice, Slippery Elm Bark Powder, Instant Soy Milk

Bramble & Hedge - 8 products, certificate 18045 valid to 12 Jun 2021:
Wild Raspberry & Vanilla Nougat with Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate & Sour Cherry Nougat with Dark Chocolate, Strawberry & Elderflower Nougat with Dark Chocolate, Sour Cherry & Raspberry with Dark Chocolate, Chai, Wild Fig & Raspberry with Dark Chocolate, Apple Teacake Spiced Nougat with Dark Chocolate, Sticky Date & Caramel Nougat with Dark Chocolate, Apple & Blackberry Nougat with Dark Chocolate

Cabosse & Feve Chocolates - 34 products, certificate 18106 valid to 18 Feb 2022:
Coconut 62% Dark Chocolate, Coconut 36% White Chocolate, Crunchy Coffee 62% Dark Chocolate, Caramelised Popcorn 62% Dark Chocolate, Coated Hazelnuts Dark Chocolate, Coated Ginger 62% Dark Chocolate, Coated Raspberry 62% Dark Chocolate, Almond Cluster 62% Dark Chocolate, 100% Dark Chocolate, 80% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate, Coated Almond 62% Dark Chocolate, 90% Dark and Macadamia, Hazelnut Truffle, Chocolate Frogs, Chocolate Dogs, Choc Block, Dark Chocolate Spoons, Hot Chocolate 55%, Hot Chocolate 70%, Hot Chocolate 100%, Cocoa Fruit Couverture, Half Dipped Pretzels, Pistachio Truffle, Coated Macadamia 62% Dark chocolate, Bauble Textured, Bauble Bell, Bauble Dots, Christmas Star Dark, Belle Epoque Dark 62%, Diamond Egg Dark 62%, Hare Lollipop Dark 62%, Big Egg Dark 62%, Mini Egg Dark 62%

Cake Gurus - 2 products, certificate 18202 valid to 1 Apr 2022:
Vegan Cake Premix Vanilla, Vegan Cake Premix Chocolate

Chocolate On Purpose - 2 products, certificate 18211 valid to 17 Mar 2022:
Dark Chocolate with Desert Lime, Dark Chocolate with Wild Rosella & Mountain Pepperberry

Cruelty Free Pantry - 10 products, certificate 18001 valid to 21 Oct 2021:
Scrambled Tofu Mix, Cheese Sauce Mix, Omelette & Quiche Mix, Vegan Taco Mince, Mac & Cheese, Nacho Mac & Cheese, Bacon Mac & Cheese, Vital Wheat Gluten Flour, Black Salt, Savoury Yeast Flakes

Cultiv.Ate Plant Based Yum - 4 products, certificate 18175 valid to 6 Oct 2021:
Shitake and Kombu Burger Patty, Sri Lankan Lentil Burger Patty, Syrian Carrot Burger Patty, Spiced Beetroot and Barberry

Daisy Fine Foods - 1 product, certificate 18103 valid to 12 Feb 2022:
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

DaVinci Gourmet - 10 products, certificate 18114 valid to 30 Sep 2021:
Sanguinello Orange Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Turkish Style Hazelnut Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Madagascan Vanilla Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Raspberry Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Slow-Cooked Caramel Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Green Cardamom Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Cocoa Bitters Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Peach Flavoured Beverage Concentrate, Sugar Cane Syrup, Dolce Sugar Syrup

Dillicious - 12 products, certificate 18112 valid to 18 Mar 2021:
Straight Up Garlic Halves, Straight Up Garlic Chips, Oh So Spicy Halves, Oh So Spicy Chips, Straight Up Garlic Whole, Straight Up Garlic Crinkle-Cut, Oh So Spicy Whole, Oh So Spicy Crinkle-Cut, Classic Dill Spears, Classic Dill Chips, Spicy Dill Spears, Spicy Dill Chips

Eatwell Foods - 4 products, certificate 18212 valid to 17 Mar 2022:
All Purpose Fine Crumb Vegan, Marie Whole and Broken Vegan, Chocolate Crumb Vegan, Choco Pieces Crumb Vegan

Event Cinemas - 4 products, certificate 18034 valid to 15 Oct 2021:
Parlour Lane Vegan Chocolate Choc Top, Parlour Lane Vegan Salted Caramel Choc Top, Event Gold Salted Popcorn, Event Gold Caramel Popcorn

Everfresh Confectionery - 16 products, certificate 18016 valid to 31 Jan 2022:
125g Picnic Bunny, 70g Sitting Bunny, Dark Freeze Dried Strawberries, Dark Macadamias, Dark Hazelnuts, Dark Almonds, Dark Jumbo Bullets, Vegan Dark Sultanas, Vegan Dark Peanuts, Vegan Dark Almonds, Vegan Dark Turkish Delights, Vegan Dark Chocolate Block, Vegan Dark Speckles, Vegan Dark Pastilles, Vegan Dark Frogs, Vegan Dark Fruit & Nut Mix

Farm Foods - 9 products, certificate 18009 valid to 11 Jun 2021:
Next Gen 2 Plant Based Burger, Simply Better Foods Plant Based Burger, Simply Better Foods Plant Based Mince, Full Circle Plant Based Burger, Full Circle Plant Based Chick'n Flavoured Burger, Full Circle Plant Based Chick'n Flavoured Ground, Full Circle Plant Based Ground, Simple Truth Emerge Plant Based Chick'n Grind, Simple Truth Emerge Plant Based Chick'n Patties

Fox & Quail - 10 products, certificate 18058 valid to 16 Aug 2021:
Lime & Ginger Cordial, Citrus Marmalade, Fruit Conserve, Tomato Relish, Tomato Ketchup, Harvest Piccalilli, Pickled Beetroot, Chilli Pesto, Jalapeno Pesto, Pickled Jalapeno

Funday Natural Sweets - 2 products, certificate 18205 valid to 9 Feb 2022:
Vegan Sour Gummy Bears, Vegan Fruity Flavoured Gummy Bears

G&Bco - 7 products, certificate 18091 valid to 3 Dec 2020:
The Original Date Pie, Fruit Cake Sandwich, Sable Shortbread, Mini Fruit Bundt Cake, Almond & Cranberry French Friands, Baclava Tart, Mini Chocolate Slices (Gluten Free)

Grandma Jeans Favourites - 2 products, certificate 18134 valid to 26 May 2021:
Milk Chocolate Coated Turkish Delight, Vegan Milk Chocolate Rocky Road

Hale Bars - 5 products, certificate 18110 valid to 6 Mar 2021:
Almond Sour Cherry Dark Chocolate Flow Bar, Fig and Cashew Flow Bar, Salted Peanut Flow Bar, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Rush Bar, Chocolate Raspberry Rush Bar

Heinz - 2 products, certificate 18155 valid to 10 Aug 2021:
Heinz Smooth Avocado Pulp, Heinz Chunky Avocado Pulp

Hellman's - 1 product, certificate 18130 valid to 31 Jul 2021:
Hellmann's Vegan Mayonnaise

HerbiDoor - 29 products, certificate 18057 valid to 13 Aug 2021:
Fire Roasted Tomato Gnocchi, Vada Vindaloo Shavige, Stroganoff With Roasted Rosemary Potato Gems, Lentil Shepherd's Pie, Buttered Chickpea, Tikka Masala & Spinach Infused Rice, Spaghetti & Veef Meatballs in Sweet Basil Sauce, Thai Green Curry, Chick'N & Pumpkin Korma, Satay Sweet Potato, Bakon Carbonara, Sticky Date Pudding, Ayurvedic Cleansing Kitchari, Mexican Burrito Bowl, Smokey Shroom Risotto, Vegan BBQ Cottage Pie, Raw Salted Caramel Slice, Mac & Cheeze, Banana Bread Minis, Creamy Kale Fettuccine, Cashew Cream & Lentil Lasagna, Lentil Dahl, Tandoori Kadi Balls & Cumin Rice, Sunset Stroganoff, Katsu Curry, Vegan Feijoada, Cacciatore, South Western Chipotle, Koren Fried Rice with Dobu Jorim

Hey Bite - 3 products, certificate 18123 valid to 11 May 2021:
Rock Salt & Black Pepper Foxnuts, Rock Salt & Lime & Black Pepper Foxnuts, Sea Salt Foxnuts

Icelandic Holdings - 2 products, certificate 18021 valid to 25 Jan 2022:
Dark Compounded Chocolate, Dark Real Chocolate

Kangaroo Island Olives - 4 products, certificate 18209 valid to 12 Mar 2022:
Kalamata Olives, Smoked Kalamata Olives, Mediterranean Mixed Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kawaii Biofarm - 1 product, certificate 18136 valid to 10 Jun 2021:
Kawaii Biofarm Vegan Carrots

Kingland - 29 products, certificate 18182 valid to 23 Oct 2021:
Dairy Free Soy Mayonnaise, Regular Momen Tofu, Firm Tofu, Silken Tofu, Seasoned Tofu, Fried Tofu, Soy Plain Yogurt, Soy Strawberry Yogurt, Soy Mango & Peach Yogurt, Soy Berries Yogurt, Soy Yogurt Variety Pack 4 x 125g, Greek Style Natural Unsweetened, Greek Style Mixed Berries & Chia, Greek Style Apple & Cinnamon, Greek Style Mango & Peach Yogurt, Greek Style Passionfruit & Chia, Dairy Free Mild Cheddar Cheese Block, Dairy Free Mild Cheddar Cheese Shredded, Dairy Free Cream Cheese, Super Tofu Hemp & Chia, Super Tofu Quinoa & Tumeric, Super Tofu Chickpea & Garlic, Biogood Probiotic Drink, Soy yogurt Strawberry Pouch, Soy yogurt Vanilla Pouch, No Bull Pulled Beef Hickory Smoke, No Bull Pulled Beef Sweet Chilli, No Bull Pulled Beef Sichuan Chilli, No Bull Pulled Beef Smoked BBQ

Knorr Tomato Powder - 1 product, certificate 18179 valid to 12 Jun 2021:
Knorr Tomato Powder

Knorr Vegetable Booster - 4 products, certificate 18206 valid to 1 Jun 2021:
Knorr Vegetable Booster 2.4kg, Knorr Vegetable Booster 8kg, Knorr Vegetable Booster 16kg, Knorr Vegetable Booster sample pack

La Pastatina Bio - 4 products, certificate 18145 valid to 14 Jul 2021:
Organic Pasta Puffed Chips Natural, Organic Pasta Puffed Chips Covered Oil, Garlic and Chilli Pepper, Organic Pasta Puffed Chips Covered Rosemary Pesto, Organic Pasta Puffed Chips Covered Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt

Lim Kee - 9 products, certificate 18072 valid to 27 Sep 2021:
Mini Red Bean Bun ("Tau Sar Pau"), Mini Green Bean Bun ("Lian Rong Pau"), Mini Pandan Bun, Mini Coffee Bun, Mini Yam Bun, BBQ Chickless Bun (Sweet smoky), Curry Chickless Bun (Spiced), Hainanese Chickless Bun (Ginger), Braised Porkless (Soy)

Macaron and Me - 2 products, certificate 18141 valid to 7 Jul 2021:
Macarons, Fillings

Mahadeva's Kitchen - 17 products, certificate 18085 valid to 22 Nov 2021:
Carrot and Walnut Cake with Cinnamon Cashew Cream, Chocolate Cake with Rich Chocolate Ganache, Red Velvet Cake with Cashew Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate Ganache Cake with Hazelnut Orb, Blueberry and Fudgy Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, Roasted Walnut and Choc Fudgy Brownie, Vanilla Bean Cookie Dough Blondie Slice, Sticky Date with Toffee Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Mud Cake with Salted Caramel, Spinach and Corn Frittata, Polenta with Italian Herbs, Quiche, Baked Alaska, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Peanut Cluster, Toffee Caramel Brownie

Maltra Foods - 8 products, certificate 18030 valid to 15 Apr 2021:
Drinking Chocolate 42%, Drinking Chocolate 35%, Drinking Chocolate 32%, Koko Deluxe 42% Drinking Chocolate, Wellington Chocolate Factory Flake, Coconut Blossom Sugar, Taming the Jackalope Drinking Chocolate, Arkadia's Chai Tea Vegan

Mamaji's - 8 products, certificate 18010 valid to 6 Oct 2021:
Vegan Budda Kicken, Korma, Rogan Josh, Paprikaan Spinach, Mango Exotic, Vindaloo, Kashmiri Masala, Tandoori Paste

Modern Macaron - 3 products, certificate 18140 valid to 7 Jul 2021:
Cookie Dough Macaron, Sticky Date Pudding Macaron, Strawberry Cheesecake Macaron

Mr Lee's Pure Foods - 2 products, certificate 18195 valid to 15 Dec 2021:
Mr Lee's Original Congee Porridge, Zen Garden Vegetable Rice Noodle Miso Soup

Natural Harry - 1 product, certificate 18064 valid to 10 Sep 2021:
Lazy Bones Loaf

Nature Bake Australia - 5 products, certificate 18070 valid to 24 Sep 2021:
Gluten and Sugar Free Vanilla Cake Mix, Gluten and Sugar Free Chocolate Cake Mix, Gluten and Sugar Free Orange and Cinnamon Cake Mix, Gluten and Sugar Free Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake Mix, Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

Nestar - 37 products, certificate 18142 valid to 9 Jul 2021:
Nestar Pure Bliss Dark Macadamia, Nestar Milk Macadamia, Nestar Dark Ginger, Nestar Dark Hazelnut, Nestar Dark Pistachio, Nestar Milk Cranberries, Nestar Dark Chocolate Inca Berries, Nestar Dark Chocolate Mulberries, Nestar Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans, Nestar Milk Coffee Beans, Nestar Dark Goji Berry, Nestar Dark Almonds, Nestar Dark Cashews, Nestar Dark Berry Nutty Blend, Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Mango, Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Apricot, Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Pineapple, Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Coconut, Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Cranberries, Miss Sweetie Dark Chocolate Blueberries, Cocoa Luxe Dusted Macadamias, Cocoa Luxe Dusted Almonds, Cocoa Luxe Dusted Hazelnuts, Cocoa Luxe Dusted Cranberries, Nestar Celebrate Series Coated Peanuts, Nestar Celebrate Series Coated Cranberries, Nestar Celebrate Series Coated Nuts & Berries, Aussie Friends Super Mixed Berries, Aussie Friends Dark Hazelnuts, Aussie Friends Dark Cashew, Christmas - Love, Christmas - Wish, Christmas - Dream, Nestarello Spread, Kindness Pantry Aussie Fruitties, Kindness Pantry Organic Pea Protein, Kindness Pantry Pretzels

Nevia Foods - 1 product, certificate 18169 valid to 22 Sep 2021:
Nevia Foods Marinated Vegan Feta

Nutri Lotus - 4 products, certificate 18054 valid to 1 Sep 2021:
Popped Water Lily Seeds - Tangy Turmeric, Popped Water Lily Seeds - Maple Cinnamon, Popped Water Lily Seeds - Pink Salt & Pepper, Popped Water Lily Seeds - Paprika

Nuttelex - 13 products, certificate 18135 valid to 29 May 2021:
Nuttelex Original, Nuttelex Reduced Fat, Nuttelex Olive, Nuttelex Buttery, Nuttelex Pulse Buttery, Nuttelex with Coconut Oil, Nuttelex Kosher, Nuttelex Buttery Export, Nuttelex Buttery Olive Export, Nuttelex Buttery Coconut Export, Nuttelex Buttery Olive Domestic, Nuttelex Cook & Bake, Nuttelex Bakers Blend

Off the Rayles - 6 products, certificate 18008 valid to 30 Sep 2021:
Butter me up, Dahl darl, Findaloo, Rogue n spice, Rubitindia, VSP Vegan Stock Paste

OMG Decadent Donuts - 9 products, certificate 18024 valid to 21 Feb 2022:
Donut Mix, Finished donuts (Luscious Lemon, Strawberry Patch, Eve's Undoing, Choc Mint Bliss, Beet-a-licious, Berry Sinful, Toast My Berry, Dusty Queen, Spicy Ranga, Cacao Delish, Coffee Coffee Yum Yum, OMG Cinnamon), Waffle Mix, Pancake Mix, Cup Cake Mix, Cake Mix, Biscuit Mix, Bread Mix, Scone Mix

Pablo and Rusty's Coffee Roasters - 2 products, certificate 18193 valid to 31 Dec 2021:
Chocolate Powder, Chai Powder

Paleo Pure - 23 products, certificate 18213 valid to 17 Mar 2022:
Berries & Cinnamon Grain Free Granola, Choc & Cherry Grain Free Granola, Sugar Free Grain Free Granola, 100% Fruit Free Grain Free Granola, Low Fructose Grain Free Granola, Raw Fruit Free Grain Free Granola, Power Porridge with Berries & Cinnamon, Power Porridge Sugar Free, Keto Coffee Creamer Vanilla Bliss, Keto Coffee Creamer Double Choc, Loaded Coffee Vanilla Bliss, Keto Crackers Savoury, Keto Crackers Mediterranean, Keto Crackers Hemp Seed & Chilli, Seedy Crackers Spiced Fruit, MCT Oil Powder C8 C10, Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate, Superfood Smoothie Hemp Seed Protein & Cacao & MCT, Almond Clusters Sweet & Salty, Cashew Clusters Chilli Sesame, Roasted Almonds BBQ, Roasted Almonds Salt & Vinegar, BBQ Keto Crackers

Pascuzzo - 21 products, certificate 18109 valid to 28 Feb 2022:
Bucatini, Calamarata, Capellini, Creste Di Gallo, Filei, Fusilloni, Linguine, Orecchiette, Orzo, Pacceri, Pappardelle, Penne, Penne Gluten Free, Rigatoni, Rigatoni Gluten Free, Sedani, Spacatelli, Spaghettini, Spaghetti (#3 and #4), Tagliatelle, Tubettini

Pat and Stick's Homemade - 10 products, certificate 18170 valid to 22 Sep 2021:
Oat Milk Ice Cream Tub Peanut Butter and Jelly, Oat Milk Ice Cream Tub Vanilla Bean, Oat Milk Ice Cream Tub Wild Strawberry, Oat Milk Ice Cream Tub Dark Chocolate, Oat Milk Ice Cream Tub Maple Walnut, Oat Milk Ice Cream Sandwich Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Oat Milk Ice Cream Sandwich Double Chocolate, Oat Milk Ice Cream Sandwich Caramel Pecan, Oat Milk Ice Cream Stick Vanilla Shake and Fries, Oat Milk Ice Cream Stick Happy Daze

Peters Ice Cream - 13 products, certificate 18061 valid to 2 Sep 2021:
Drumstick Vegan Affogato, Drumstick Vegan Vanilla Choc Almond, Drumstick Vegan Raspberry & Coconut, Connoisseur Plant Based Mango Passionfruit, Connoisseur Plant Based Hazelnut Chocolate, Connoisseur Plant Based Coconut Acai Berry, Connoisseur Plant Based Vanilla Brownie, Proud & Punch Chocolate, That's Bananas, Proud & Punch Oh My, Strawberry Acai, Proud & Punch Coconuts for Mango, Proud & Punch Mini Pops, Proud & Punch It's Choc Mint To Be, Proud & Punch Pining for Lime

Poppy - 4 products, certificate 18182 valid to 23 Oct 2021:
Custard Powder, Maize Custard Powder, Wheaten Cornflour, Maize Cornflour

Pure Blends Protein - 3 products, certificate 18084 valid to 18 Nov 2021:
Natural Plant Blend Protein, Natural Plant Blend Protein with Real Mango, Natural Plant Blend Protein with Real Cocoa

Pure n Cure Maa's Dal - 1 product, certificate 18133 valid to 22 May 2021:
Maa's Dal Spinach Flavour

Pureland - 2 products, certificate 18182 valid to 23 Oct 2021:
Firm Tofu, Hommus

Ratio Cocoa Roasters - 20 products, certificate 18162 valid to 26 Aug 2021:
Drinking Chocolate 60%, Cacao nibs, Solomon Islands 58% Vegan Mylk Bar, Melbourne Blend 63% Dark Bar, Trinidad & Tobago 66% Dark Bar, East Timor 70% Dark Bar, Peru 70% Dark Bar, Ecuador 74 / 88 / 100%, Solomon Islands 76% Dark Bar, Dominican Republic 100% Dark Bar, Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle 63% Dark Bar, The Beer Bar 63% Dark Bar, Axil Coffee 63% Dark Bar, Dark Speckles, Dark Honeycomb, Dark Hazelnuts, Dark Strawberries, Dark Coffee Beans, Dark Spicy Peanuts, Dark Almonds

Rich Products Australia - 1 product, certificate 18164 valid to 4 Sep 2021:
Rich's Whip Topping Base

Rich Products Malaysia - 5 products, certificate 18189 valid to 19 Nov 2021:
Whip Topping Base 907g, Whip Topping Base 3kg, Toppin Pride 907g, Rich's Whip Topping 4kg, RTW Rich Whip Topping 907g

Royal Nut Company - 20 products, certificate 18066 valid to 12 Oct 2021:
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Goji, Dark Chocolate Almond, Organic Almond NOYA Nut Butter, Organic Cashew NOYA Nut Butter, Organic ABC NOYA Nut Butter, Peanut Butter Smooth, Peanut Butter Crunchy, ABC NOYA Nut Butter, Almond NOYA Nut Butter, Cashew NOYA Nut Butter, Hazelnut NOYA Nut Butter, Macadamia NOYA Nut Butter, Dark Chocolate Macadamia Vegan, Dark Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberry Vegan, Crunchy Almond NOYA Nut Butter, Almond Chia NOYA Nut Butter, ABC Chia NOYA Nut Butter, Pistachio NOYA Nut Butter, Royal NOYA Nut Butter

Scandinavian Cone Company - 3 products, certificate 18007 valid to 31 Aug 2021:
SCC No9 Waffle Cone, SCC No3 Waffle Cone, SCC No1 Flat Top Waffle Cone

Sessvegan - 2 products, certificate 18019 valid to 22 Jul 2021:
Vegan Fried Chickn, Mac n' Cheeze

Skinny Genie Bakery - 27 products, certificate 18096 valid to 30 Dec 2021:
Vegan Artisan White Roll, Vegan Hamburger Bun, Vegan Roll White Breakfast, Vegan Roll Small Baguette White, Vegan Baguette Brown Multigrain, Vegan Roll Brown Sunflower Seed, Vegan Roll Baguette White, Vegan Roll White, Vegan Arabic Bread, Vegan Chocolate Brownie, Vegan Fudge Stack, Vegan Chocolate Caramel Stack, Vegan Granola Bar, Vegan Chocolate Coconut Pea Protein Ball, Vegan Raspberry Coconut Pea Protein Ball, Vegan Goji Barberry Pistachio Coconut Pea Protein Ball, Vegan Spirulina Pea Protein Ball, Vegan Raw Energy Bar Cocoa Nibs Goji & Matcha Bar, Vegan Raw Energy Bar Barberry Coconut Chia & Maca, Vegan Raw Energy Bar Cranberry Date Sesame & Spirulina, Vegan Bread Loaf White, Vegan Bread Loaf Brown, Vegan Bread Loaf Brown Multigrain, Vegan Bread Loaf Brown Oats, Vegan Pizza Base, Vegan Margherita On Kale Base Pizza, Vegan Cauli Pizza Base

Smooth Foods - 6 products, certificate 18026 valid to 14 Mar 2021:
Sunflower Kernel Snack, Pepita Seed Snack, Walnut Snack, Almond Slivers Snack, Peanut Sauce, Sunflower Seed Sauce

Space Bars Gelato - 16 products, certificate 18201 valid to 29 Jan 2022:
Pistachio Gelato, Chocolate Gelato, Strawberry Gelato, Mint Chip Gelato, Lemon Sorbet, Vanilla Gelato, Salted Caramel Gelato, Gianduja Gelato, Honeycomb Gelato, Coffee Gelato, Cookie Dough Gelato, Berry Cheesecake Gelato, Macadamia Stracciatella Gelato, Matcha Gelato, Cinnamon Creme Brulee Gelato, Milk Chocolate Gelato

SPC - 1 product, certificate 18117 valid to 31 Mar 2021:
Young Green Jackfruit Pieces in Water

Springhill Farm - 2 products, certificate 18171 valid to 2 Oct 2021:
Coconut & Dark Choc Slice, Almond & Choc Chip Slice

Sprout Organic - 7 products, certificate 18204 valid to 8 Feb 2022:
Plant Based Infant Formula, Plant Based Follow-on Formula, Plant Based Toddler Drink Berry, Plant Based Toddler Drink Chocolate, Plant Based Kids Bar Banana Bread, Plant Based Kids Bar Super Berry, Plant Based Kids Bar Choc Brownie

Sultan Turkish Delights - 16 products, certificate 18104 valid to 14 Feb 2022:
Rose Turkish Delight, Orange Turkish Delight, Lemon Turkish Delight, Vanilla Turkish Delight, Mint Turkish Delight, Pomegranate Turkish Delight, Almond Turkish Delight, Vanilla and Hazelnut Turkish Delight, Rose Walnut Turkish Delight, Chocolate Walnut Turkish Delight, Sadrazam Turkish Delight, Original Nougat Turkish Delight, Banana Nougat Turkish Delight, Coffee Nougat Turkish Delight, Strawberry Nougat Turkish Delight, Double Roasted Turkish Delight

The Broth Sisters - 9 products, certificate 18079 valid to 16 Oct 2021:
Vegetable Sipping Broth - Mexican Tortilla, Vegetable Sipping Broth - Tuscan Tomato, Vegetable Sipping Broth - Vietnamese Pho, Vegetable Sipping Broth - Thai Lemongrass, Vegetable Stock Concentrate, Asian Veggie Stock Paste, Mushroom Stock Concentrate, Fermented Chilli, Turmeric and Ginger Paste

The Carob Kitchen Australia - 4 products, certificate 18174 valid to 25 Sep 2021:
Banjo the Vegan Carob Bear, Banjo the Vegan Carob Coconut Bear, Vegan Carob Bar, Vegan Carob Coconut Bar

The Coffee Club - 1 product, certificate 18115 valid to 30 Mar 2021:
Chai Flavoured Syrup

The Confectionery House - 5 products, certificate 18049 valid to 28 Jun 2021:
Vegan Honeycomb, Vegan Coloured Choc Drops, Vegan Dark Chocolate Coated Honeycomb, Vegan Chocolate Bar, Vegan Chocolate Frog

The Humble Vegan - 6 products, certificate 18031 valid to 18 Apr 2021:
Humble Vegan with 70% Raw Cocoa, Humble Vegan with Peppermint Chips, Humble Vegan with Orange Pieces, Humble Vegan with Salted Caramel, Humble Vegan with Goji & Acai Berries, Humble Vegan with Cherry & Coconut

The Organic Tea Box - 6 products, certificate 18121 valid to 1 Jun 2021:
Antioxidant Tea - Prickly Pear and Green Tea, Vitality Tea - Devil's Claw and Chai Tea, Detox Tea - Reishi and Dandelion Tea, Clarity Tea- Gingko Biloba and Peppermint Tea, Be At Ease- Valerian Tea and Lemon Balm, Immune Support - Kakadu Plum and Echinacea

The Sweet and Savoury Chef - 4 products, certificate 18190 valid to 27 Nov 2021:
Glazed Vegan Coconut Doughnut, Glazed Vegan Chocolate & Funfetti Doughnut, Glazed Vegan Double Chocolate Doughnut, Glazed Vegan Coconut & Funfetti Doughnut

The Vegan Life - 6 products, certificate 18207 valid to 4 Mar 2022:
Vegan Life Cheddar Flavour Plant Based Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese, Vegan Life Mozzarella Flavour Plant Based Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese, Vegan Life Parmesan Flavour Plant Based Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese, Vegan Life Edam Flavour Plant Based Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese, Vegan Life Gouda Flavour with Hot Peppers Plant Based Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese, Vegan Life Feta Flavour Plant Based Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese

Therza-Jane Chocolate - 14 products, certificate 18159 valid to 25 Aug 2021:
Dark Chocolate Truffle, Dark Chocolate Ginger, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Finger Lime, Strawberry and Coconut, Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Lavender and Lemon, Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Rosella, Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Davidson Plum and Walnut, Dark Chocolate Quandong and Buderim Ginger, Dark Chocolate Lilli Pilli and Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Coffee, Dark Chocolate - Exclusively Lime, Dark Chocolate - Exclusively Strawberry, Dark Chocolate - Exclusively Mango, Dark Chocolate - Exclusively Pineapple

TLV - 4 products, certificate 18188 valid to 18 Nov 2021:
Classic Hummus, Roasted Pumpkin Hummus, Roasted Beetroot Hummus, Avocado Hummus

Totally Bananaz - 1 product, certificate 18183 valid to 26 Oct 2021:
Banana Bread

Treat Yo Self Foods - 5 products, certificate 18138 valid to 6 Jul 2021:
Once Upon a Lime - Coconut Lime Dairy Free Ice Cream, Almond in the Rough - Vanilla Dairy Free Ice Cream With Choc Chips and Almonds, Hard Choc Life - Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream With Choc Chips, Royal Treat Mint - Peppermint Dairy Free Ice Cream With Choc Chips, Nutty By Nature - Peanut Butter Dairy Free Ice Cream With Almonds

Trisco Foods - 5 products, certificate 18161 valid to 26 Aug 2021:
Vegan Strawberry Patisserie Filling, Vegan Blueberry Patisserie Filling, Vegan Caramel Patisserie Filling, Vegan Passionfruit Patisserie Filling, Vegan Mango Patisserie Filling

Vegan Chocolate Co - 5 products, certificate 18137 valid to 23 Jun 2021:
Vegan Dark Bar, Vegan Milk Bar, Vegan moulded chocolates, Vegan Almond Bar, Vegan Hazelnut Bar

Vegano - 6 products, certificate 18068 valid to 13 Sep 2021:
Vegan Salami, Vegan Salami with Pepper, Vegan Salami with Chilli, Vegan Ham, Vegan Ham with Pepper, Vegan Ham with Paprika

Vegemite - 4 products, certificate 18077 valid to 16 Oct 2021:
Vegemite, Vegemite Gluten Free, Vegemite Reduced Salt, Vegemite Squeezy Formula

Well and Good - 7 products, certificate 18152 valid to 27 Jul 2021:
Vegan Plant-based Patty Mix, Plant-based Cheese Concentrated Mix, Plant-based Whipping Cream, Easy Meals Thai Green Curry, Easy Meals Mild Mexican Chilli, Easy Meals Moroccan Spiced Tajine, Vanilla Custard Powder

Wood's Premium Condiments - 10 products, certificate 18047 valid to 26 Jun 2021:
Woods Chilli Jam, Woods Green Tomato Pickle, Woods Hot Apple Chutney, Woods Tomato Kasoundi, Woods Mango Chilli Chutney, Woods Mild Chunky Salsa, Woods Red Capsicum Relish, Woods Tomato Relish, Woods Vegan Mayonnaise, Woods Smokey Tomato Relish

Wu Gu Feng - 1 product, certificate 18099 valid to 14 Jan 2022:
Instant Cereal Meal

Zesto - 1 product, certificate 18182 valid to 23 Oct 2021:
Worcestershire Sauce


Angove Family Winemakers - 3 products, certificate 18156 valid to 14 Aug 2021:
Naturalis Cabernet Sauvignon Made with Organic Grapes (USA), Naturalis Sauvignon Blanc Made with Organic Grapes (USA), Naturalis Chardonnay Made with Organic Grapes (USA)

Bella Ridge Estate - 18 products, certificate 18143 valid to 9 Jul 2021:
Demi Sec, Trebbiano, Chenin Blanc, Belle Mere, Rose, Malbec, Tempranillo Grenache, Barbera, Tempranillo, GSM, Shiraz, Grenache, Beau Pere, Fino, Late Harvest, Kyoho, Viognier, Semillon Vermentino

Captains Creek Organic Wines - 9 products, certificate 18043 valid to 4 Jun 2021:
Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Unoaked Chardonnay, Oaked Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Noir, Sparkling Pinot Noir, Sparkling Apple Cider, Cloudy Dry Apple Cider, Sunny Sweet Apple Cider

Four Sisters - 6 products, certificate 18139 valid to 7 Jul 2021:
Pogue Vineyards Rose, Pogue Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, Pogue Vineyards Chardonnay, Pogue Vineyards Shiraz, Petite Pogue Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Pogue Shiraz

Grant Wines - 3 products, certificate 18050 valid to 8 Jul 2021:
Devils Backbone Pinot Noir, Devils Backbone Pinot Gris, Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir Rose

Growers Wine Group - 1 product, certificate 18180 valid to 1 Dec 2021:
2020 SE Rose

Minimum Wines - 8 products, certificate 18150 valid to 22 Jul 2021:
Dry Rose, Pet-Nat, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc

Pearls Australia - 5 products, certificate 18108 valid to 18 Feb 2022:
Gin & Tonic Cocktail Pearls, Mexicana Cocktail Pearls, Mojito Cocktail Pearls, Ron Cafe Cocktail Pearls, Vanilla Coco Pearls

Petrichor Wines - 2 products, certificate 18200 valid to 29 Jan 2022:
Petrichor 2019 Coal Valley Pinot Noir, Petrichor 2019 Lake Barrington Pinot Noir

Port & Pier - 3 products, certificate 18098 valid to 8 Jan 2022:
Lemon Myrtle & Pink Grapefruit Hard Seltzer, Finger Lime & Mango Hard Seltzer, Native Peach & Guava Hard Seltzer

Raw Sip - 1 product, certificate 18046 valid to 25 Jun 2021:
Wood apple nectar

Seadrift Distillery - 2 products, certificate 18102 valid to 3 Feb 2022:
Seadrift Non Alcoholic Spirit, Seadrift Coast Non Alcoholic Spirit

Sidewood Estate - 21 products, certificate 18033 valid to 30 Apr 2021:
Sidewood Mappinga Shiraz, Sidewood Mappina Chardonnay, Sidewood Fume Blanc, Sidewood Shiraz, Sidewood Pinot Noir, Sidewood Chardonnay, Sidewood Pinot Gris, Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc, Sidewood Rose, Sidewood NV Sparkling, Sidewood Isabella Rose, Sidewood Chloe Cuvee, Sidewood Apple Cider, Sidewood Pear Cider, Sidewood Cassandra Blanc de Blancs, Sidewood Old China Hand Syrah, Sidewood The Tyre Fitter Syrah, Sidewood Pinot Blanc, Sidewood 777 Pinot Noir, Sidewood Abel Pinot Noir, Sidewood Oberlin Pinot Noir

Sparkke - 6 products, certificate 18199 valid to 22 Jan 2022:
Sparkke Apple Cider, Sparkke Hard Lemonade, Sparkke Red Ale, Sparkke Black IPA, Sparkke Pilsner, Sparkke Pale Ale

Taylors Wines, Wakefield Taylors Family Wines, Wakefield Wines - 8 products, certificate 18119 valid to 7 Apr 2021:
Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2020 and 2021, Estate Riesling 2020 and 2021, Estate Pinot Noir Rose 2020 and 2021, Estate Pinot Gris 2020 and 2021, Taylor Made Pinot Noir Rose 2020 and 2021, St Andrews Riesling 2021, The Hotelier Pinot Gris 2021, Promised Land Pinot Grigio 2021


Activated Nutrients - 11 products, certificate 18005 valid to 31 Aug 2021:
Top Up - Women, Top Up - Men, Top Up - 50+, Grow Up - Kids, Tone Up - Coconut protein, Build Up - Vanilla protein, Power Up - Energy, Fill Up, Slim Down, Activated X Performance Energy Formula, Activated X Performance Power Protein

Apotecari - 2 products, certificate 18095 valid to 20 Dec 2021:
Hair Food, Mane Event

BioCeuticals - 4 products, certificate 18157 valid to 30 Jun 2021:
Vegan D3 spray, B12 spray, Armaforce, Iron Sustain

Blackmores - 10 products, certificate 18151 valid to 30 Jun 2021:
Ashwagandha +, Vegan Omega, Blackmores Vitamin B12, Sleep Sound, Tranquil Night, GinkgoForte, Mega B Complex, B(sparky) Vegan, B(snoozin') Vegan, B(wise) Vegan

E3Live Australia - 9 products, certificate 18127 valid to 15 May 2021:
E3Live AFA Fresh-Frozen Liquid, E3Live AFA Powder, E3Live AFA Capsules, E3Live BrainON Fresh-Frozen Liquid, E3Live BrainON Supreme Fresh-Frozen Liquid, E3Live BrainON Powder, E3Live BrainON Capsules, E3Live Blue Majik Powder, E3Live Blue Majik Capsules

Free Spirit - 2 products, certificate 18131 valid to 22 May 2021:
Free Spirit MegaOmega Algae Oil, Free Spirit MegaOmega Algae Oil Softgels

Gumbi Gumbi - 2 products, certificate 18073 valid to 27 Sep 2021:
Gumbi Gumbi - Organic, Gumbi Gumbi - Wild Harvested

Healthy Care - 2 products, certificate 18120 valid to 20 Apr 2021:
Healthy Care Vitamin C + Olive Leaf Extract, Healthy Care Pure Vegan Hemp Protein + Greens

Moxie - 7 products, certificate 18118 valid to 6 Apr 2021:
Moxie Regular Menstrual Cup, Moxie Super Menstrual Cup, Moxie Organic Cotton Liners, Moxie Organic Cotton Day Pads, Moxie Organic Cotton Overnight Pads, Moxie Regular Organic Cotton Tampons, Moxie Super Organic Cotton Tampons

Nature's Care - 4 products, certificate 18129 valid to 22 May 2021:
HC Pure Vegan CoQ10 soft gel capsules, HC Pure Vegan Iron + Energy Plus tablets, HC Pure Vegan Omega 3-6-9 soft gel capsules, HC Pure Vegan Hemp Protein + Green

NaturoBest - 2 products, certificate 18181 valid to 21 Oct 2021:
Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger, Calcium & Magnesium Plus K2 & D3

Naturopathica - 10 products, certificate 18076 valid to 20 Jan 2022:
Vegan Vitamin D, Vegan Vitamin B12, Vegan Calcium, Vegan Iron, Vegan Multivitamin, Vegan Probiotic, Vegan Omega 3, Vegan Glucosamine, Vegan Collagen Booster, Vegan Magnesium

Wagner - 7 products, certificate 18197 valid to 18 Jan 2022:
Vegan Glucosamine, Vegan Magnesium, Vegan Vitamin D, Vegan Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin D + Vitamin E, Vegan Evening Primrose Oil, Vegan Omega-3-6-9, Vegan Hemp Seed Oil


Active Serums - 6 products, certificate 18196 valid to 16 Dec 2021:
Active Papaya Serum, Active Blueberry Serum, Active Kiwifruit Serum, Active Strawberry Serum, Active Watermelon Serum, Active Apple Serum

Aether Haircare - 2 products, certificate 18105 valid to 17 Feb 2022:
hed replenish shampoo, hed replenish conditioner

Amacyn Natural Perfume - 3 products, certificate 18081 valid to 22 Oct 2021:
Amacyn Perfumes, Amacyn Body Lotion and Creams, Amacyn Candles

Aqua Rush - 2 products, certificate 18132 valid to 22 May 2021:
2 Pure Hand Sanitiser 80% (Essential range), 2 Pure Ethanol Hand Sanitiser 80% (Hospital Grade Range)

Arithmos Skincare - 3 products, certificate 18093 valid to 10 Dec 2021:
Body Oil - Jasmine + Neroli, Body Oil - Rose + Geranium, Body oil - Sandalwood

Aromatic Essentials & Little Soap Shop - 10 products, certificate 18082 valid to 28 Oct 2021:
Soaps, Scrubs, Masks, Skin care, Hair care, Baby care, Lip balms, Oils, Deodorants, and many more

Botani - 27 products, certificate 18036 valid to 7 May 2021:
Olive Skin Serum, Purify Facial Cleanser 50mL, Purify Facial Cleanser 100mL, Radiant Rose Mask, Spirulina Salt Scrub, Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum, Olivene Repair Balm, Coconut Glow Body & Hair Oil, Olive Repair Cream, Boost Balancing Moisturiser 50mL, Boost Balancing Moisturiser 100mL, Nourishing Body Oil, Skin Rescue Kit, PhytoBody Wash, Olive Cleansing Bar, Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser, Eco-Clear Body Bar, Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask, Soothing Facial Mist, Healing Lip Balm, Rescue Acne Cream, Phytoseptic Anti-Fungal Skin Cream, Rescue Eye Treatment, Olive Hand & Body Cream, Hand Sanitiser Mist Spray, Rescue Pore Refiner Essence, Recue Acne Foaming Cleanser

BronzeEra - 2 products, certificate 18149 valid to 21 Jul 2021:
Fake Tan Water (Dark), Eraser Tan Water

Chic Boutique - 3 products, certificate 18122 valid to 30 Apr 2021:
Soap, Hand Lotion, Soy Candles

Dancing Dust - 6 products, certificate 18012 valid to 30 Oct 2021:
Dewy Body Shimmer, Dazzle Body Shimmer, Dusty Body Shimmer, Make Me Dewy Light, Make Me Dewy Extreme, Make Me Dusty

Earth Blends - 53 products, certificate 18015 valid to 10 Dec 2021:
Dry/Mature Skin Cleanser, Hibiscus and Rose Skin Cleanser, Nourishing Skin Cleanser, Sensitive Skin Cleanser, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Toning Mist, Hibiscus and Rose Toning Mist, Lavender and Neroli Toning Mist, Rose and Aloe Floral Water, Sandalwood & Rose Floral Water, Spirulina Toning Mist, Aloe Vera Moisturiser, Kakadu Moisturiser, Spirulina Moisturiser, Anti-Ageing Cream, Eczema Eeeze, Evening Magic, Lavender and Neroli Cream, Rose Cream, Serum for Dry Skin, Serum for Acne Scarred Skin, Balancing Facial Gel Mask, Rooibos Facial Gel Mask (Gentle), Spirulina Facial Gel Mask, Pure Earth, Passionate Earth, Emerald Earth, Hibiscus and Rose Facial Polish, Sandalwood and Rose Facial Polish, Spirulina Facial Polish, Eye Cream, Eye Gel, Sweet Lip Balm, Myrrh Lip Balm, Fingernail Treatment, Country Comfort Hand Cream, Soothing Foot Scrub, Soothing Foot Balm, Bathsheba's Indulgence, Lemon Myrtle Body Scrub, Lotus Body Polish, Cherry and Rose Tropical Whipped Body Butter, Heavenly Body Lotion, Tropical Body Lotion, Tea Tree Lotion, Calendula Balm, Comfrey Balm, Lavender and Chamomile Massage Balm, Argan Oil, Chamomint Oil, Rosehip Oil, Taminu Oil, Stress Relief Massage Oil, Exotic Massage Oil

Ella Searle - 1 product, certificate 18116 valid to 31 Mar 2022:
Youth Infusion Active Facial Oil

Femme Organic - 3 products, certificate 18168 valid to 16 Sep 2021:
Organic Tampons, Organic Pads, Organic Liners

Geologie Cosmetics - 1 product, certificate 18186 valid to 10 Nov 2021:
Eyeshadow and Powder Pigment Formula (Pilbara Palette)

Gypsy Rose - 23 products, certificate 18020 valid to 24 Jan 2022:
2-in-1 Shampoo Lavender, 2-in-1 Shampoo Rosemary, Leave-In Conditioner Lavender, Leave-In Conditioner Rosemary, Kombucha Hair & Body Bar, Liquid Hand/Body Wash Lavender, Liquid Hand/Body Wash Rosemary, All Body Top to Toe, Lovely Oil, Rosehip Oil, Paw Paw, Carrot and Orange Facial Soap Mixture, Clay, Lavender and Apple Cider Facial Soap Mixture, Crystal Deodorant, Pet 2 in 1 Shampoo Lavender, Pet 2 in 1 Shampoo Rosemary, Pet Multi Use Conditioner Lavender, Pet Multi Use Conditioner Rosemary, Pet All Body Top to Toe, Black Henna Powder, Brown Henna Powder, Copper Henna Powder, Natural Henna Powder, Red Henna Powder

HappyPause - 1 product, certificate 18163 valid to 4 Sep 2021:
HappyPause Menopause Balm

Holy Sanity - 3 products, certificate 18184 valid to 2 Nov 2021:
Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Essential (125ml, 400ml, 3.75L, 5L and 20L), Moisturising Hand Sanitiser Essential Plus (125ml, 400ml, 3.75L, 5L and 20L), Moisturising Hand Sanitiser Australian Native (125ml, 400ml, 3.75L, 5L and 20L)

Hope's Relief - 4 products, certificate 18176 valid to 8 Oct 2021:
Hope's Relief Topical Spray, Hope's Relief Derma-Lotion, Hope's Relief Gel-lotion, Hope's Relief Moisturising Lotion

Kissing Chickens - 2 products, certificate 18113 valid to 18 Mar 2021:
Kissing Chickens Deodorant - Original, Kissing Chickens Deodorant - Clary Sage for Women

La Maxime - 10 products, certificate 18060 valid to 27 Aug 2021:
Organic Makeup Removing Oil, Whole Graine Scrub, The Toning Mist, Maximum Glow Face Serum, Youthful Eyes Eye Cream, Youth Maximising Essence, Maximum Defense Moisturiser, Maximum Collagen Booster Night Cream, Liquid Silk DD Cream, Silky Smooth Hair

Le Lapin - 10 products, certificate 18203 valid to 1 Feb 2022:
Cottontail Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Cottontail Body Oil, Cottontail Hydrating Facial Mist, Hare Hair Growth 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner, Hare Nourishing Hair Oil, Hare Perfumed Hair Mist, Hare Scalp Treatment Tonic, Jackrabbit Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jackrabbit Body Oil, Jackrabbit Hydrating Facial Mist & Aftershave

Lovekins - 30 products, certificate 18035 valid to 3 May 2021:
Daily Liners, Regular Pads, Super Pads, Night Pads, Newborn Nappy, Infant Nappy, Crawler Nappy, Toddler Nappy, Walker Nappy, Night Nappy, Toddler Nappy Pant, Walker Nappy Pant, Junior Nappy Pant, Sanitary Pants, 100% Cotton Blanket, 100% Cotton Washer, 100% Cotton Socks, Baby Body Moisturiser, Baby Hair + Body Wash, Baby Face Cream, Baby Massage Oil, Baby Nappy Cream, Sanitiser Spray, Multipurpose Surface Spray, Baby Sunscreen SPF 30, Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Mark Oil, Nipple Balm, Feminine Wash, SOS Rescue Cream

Lyla Lu Bath Co - 14 products, certificate 18059 valid to 19 Aug 2021:
Bath Bombs, Bath Confetti, Whipped Soaps, Body Wash, Bath Confetti- LUXE Essential Oils, Bubble Bath, Foaming Hand Wash, Bath Salts, Shower Steamers, Body Butter, Candles, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Detangler

Miiroko - 2 products, certificate 18178 valid to 12 Oct 2021:
Hair Colour Permanent, Hair Colour Peroxide

Mirosuna - 5 products, certificate 18078 valid to 16 Oct 2021:
Patience Essential Oil Roll On, Impermanence Essential Oil Roll On, Intention Essential Oil Roll On, True Self Essential Oil Roll On, Generosity Essential Oil Roll On

Mukti Botanicals - 25 products, certificate 18003 valid to 17 Sep 2021:
2 in 1 Resurfacing Exfoliant, Age Defiance Day Serum, Age Defiance Eye Serum, Age Defiance Night Serum, Aloe Vera Moisturiser, Antioxidant Facial Oil, Antioxidant Facial Serum, Balancing Foaming Cleanser, Balancing Moisturiser, Botanique Conditioner, Botanique Deodorant, Botanique Shampoo, Clarity Balm, Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque, Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Moisturiser, Marigold Hydrating Creme, Rosehip Eye Gel, Orange Blossom Balancing Mist, Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist, Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen, Bioactive Bath & Body Elixir, Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen, Botanique Hand & Body Lotion, Botanique Hand & Body Wash

Nature's Creations Skin Care Products - 5 products, certificate 18166 valid to 8 Sep 2021:
Organic Hemp Seed Serum, Organic Essential Oil Serum, Hand Sanitiser Spray, Hydrating Facial Mist/Toner for Dry Skin, Hydrating Facial Mist/Toner for Normal Skin

Nerys - 2 products, certificate 18154 valid to 31 Jul 2021:
Nerys Night Cream, Nerys Day Cream

Nine Beauty - 4 products, certificate 18090 valid to 2 Dec 2020:
Face moisturiser, Face wash, Body moisturiser, Eye cream

Noble Touch - 1 product, certificate 18153 valid to 31 Dec 2021:
Noble Touch Hair Fiber

nude beauty products - 17 products, certificate 18065 valid to 10 Sep 2021:
nude coconut husk body bar, nude green tea body bar, nude citrus body bar, nude lemongrass body bar, nude seaweed extract body bar, nude koala bio protection body bar, nude coffee scrub exfoliant bar, nude charcoal & black pepper exfoliant bar, nude lime & sea salt exfoliant bar, nude ginger & spice exfoliant bar, nude charcoal & black pepper shave bar, nude mint & aloe vera shave bar, nude berry blossom lip butter, nude coconut heaven lip butter, nude passionfruit delight lip butter, nude wild orange lip butter, nude citrus punch lip butter

Nudie Beauty - 18 products, certificate 18125 valid to 13 May 2021:
Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath, Soap & Shampoo Bars, Tinted Lip Balm, Orange Lip Balm, Lemon Lip Balm, Lemongrass Lip Balm, Chai Lip Balm, Light Facial Cream, Night Treatment Balm, Whipped Body Butter, Purity Face Mask, Soothe Face Mask, Green Tea Face Mask, Normal Skin Elixir, Oily Skin Elixir, Dry Skin Elixir, Mature Skin Elixir

Ocinium - 8 products, certificate 18023 valid to 21 Feb 2022:
Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream, Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Cleanse, Luminosity Vitamin C Serum, Immortelle Vitamin B3 Serum, Elemental Vitamin A + C + E Serum, Papaya and Pomegrante Facial Oil, Green Tea and Ginseng Facial Oil, Rapture Perfume Oil

Pits of Joy - 3 products, certificate 18011 valid to 15 Feb 2022:
Fragrance Free Deodorant, Lemongrass and Lavender Deodorant, Cedar and Clove Deodorant

Pureheaven - 60 products, certificate 18042 valid to 3 Jun 2021:
Charcoal & Argan Oil Soap chunk, Head & Sinus bar, Vanilla & Sandalwood soap, Coconut & lime soap slice, Frangipani & Cucumber soap slice, Rocky Road soap slice, English rose soap slice, Stanthorpe Apple soap slice, Coconut Ice soap slice, Sugarplum soap slice, Berries & Cream soap slice, French Lavender soap slice, Lemon Myrtle soap slice, Charcoal & Pink Clay Mud Cleanser, Green Tea & Quandong Cleanser, Lime & Walnut Face Scrub, Rosehip & Patchouli Face Scrub, Vanilla & Sandalwood Facial Exfoliant, Beard Oil, Calm Balm, Pristine Purify tonic, Antioxidant Oil, Rose Geranium Eye Serum, Green Tea & Cucumber Eye Serum, Balancing Recovery Night Cream, Revitalise & Recover Night Cream, Vanilla & Sandalwood Face Moisturiser, Comfort & Protect Day Cream, Sustainable Skin Hydrator Day Cream, Rosehip & Patchouli Day Cream, Recovery & Protect Rosehip & Patchouli Moisturiser, Coconut & Rosewater Makeup Remover, Rosewater & Hibiscus Primer, Passionfruit Raspberry Kiss Lip Scrub, Healing Hands Hand cream, Green Tea Hand Cream, Apricot Hand Cream, Coconut & Lime Hand cream, English Rose Hand Cream, French Lavender Hand cream, Foot & Leg scrub, Foot & Leg Lotion, Baby Lotion, Nappy Balm, French Lavender body powder, Rose Geranium body powder, Rose Geranium Shower Gel, Coconut & Lime Shower Gel, Summer Berries Shower Gel, Frangipani & Cucumber Shower Gel, Stanthorpe Apple Shower Gel, Raspberry, Rosehip & Poppy-seed Body Scrub, Coconut & Lime Body Scrub, Chai, Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub, French Lavender body lotion, Green Tea Body Lotion, Rose & Musk Body Lotion, French Lavender Body Butter, Green Tea Body Butter, Rose & Musk Body Butter

Regenic Skincare - 11 products, certificate 18208 valid to 8 Mar 2022:
Kakadu & Davidson Plum Facial Moisturiser (100gm Jar), Kakadu & Davidson Plum Facial Moisturiser (100gm Pump), Quandong & Davidson Plum Hand & Body Moisturiser (250gm Jar), Coral Tree & Kakadu Plum Hand and Body Lotion (250gm Pump), Desert Lime & Kakadu Plum Facial Scrub (100gm Jar), Desert Lime & Kakadu Plum Facial Scrub (100gm Pump), Desert Lime, Quandong & Wattleseed Body Scrub (250gm Jar), Tasmanian Blue Gum Facial Cleanser (250gm Pump), Genfresh Lemon Myrtle Anti-Odourant (40gm Tin), Genfresh Blue Gum & Wild Mint Anti-Odourant (40gm Tin), Genfresh Unscented Anti-Odourant (40gm Tin)

S&F Science - 10 products, certificate 18192 valid to 15 Dec 2021:
Eucalace, Algell, S1T32, Jadecell, FGT40, SG40, Docell, BCT45, Alicell, MM50-N

Strandatory - 3 products, certificate 18041 valid to 3 Jun 2021:
Strandatory Dry Shampoo, Strandatory Hair Serum, Strandatory Shampoo Bars

Sue Ismiel & Daughters - 2 products, certificate 18032 valid to 18 Apr 2021:
Nad's Natural Sugar Wax, Nad's Natural Precision Eyebrow Wax Wand

The Bod Society - 27 products, certificate 18107 valid to 18 Feb 2022:
Eye Balm, Lip Balms (6 flavours), Lip Scrubs (6 flavours), Illuminate Face Mask, Illuminate Face Scrub, Balance Face Mask, Balance Face Scrub, Tone Me On Pads, Beard Oil, Organic Cotton Headband, Illuminate Day Cream, Illuminate Night Cream, Balance Night Cream, Balance Day, Illuminate Face Oil, Wooden Spatula, Balance Cleanser, Illuminate Cleanser, Baby Mumma Belly Oil First Trimester, Baby Mumma Belly Oil Second Trimester, Baby Mumma Belly Oil Third Trimester, Tropical Body Oil, Tropical Body Scrub, Classic Natural Deodorant, Sensitive Natural Deodorant, Nipple Balm, Spot Serum

The Windsor End - 3 products, certificate 18055 valid to 1 Sep 2021:
The Windsor End Clay Pomade, The Windsor End Hemp Pomade, The Windsor End Soy Pomade

Zoojaz - 1 product, certificate 18111 valid to 9 Mar 2021:
Coconut Coffee Scrub

Clothing, shoes and accessories

Boomerangz Footwear - 2 products, certificate 18147 valid to 21 Jul 2021:
Boomerangz Men's Thongs, Boomerangz Women's Thongs

Oncewild Ugg - 3 products, certificate 18088 valid to 1 Feb 2022:
Synthetic UGG Boots, Synthetic Scarves, Cotton Scarves

Skobi Shoes - 2 products, certificate 18144 valid to 13 Jul 2021:
Lewis School Shoe, Seddon School Shoe

The Bondi Shoe Club - 1 product, certificate 18056 valid to 13 Aug 2021:
The Bondi Shoe Club Canvas Shoes

UGG Australian Shepherd - 3 products, certificate 18210 valid to 1 May 2022:
Vegan Slipper AS 2030 Grey/Chestnut, Vegan Short AS 3023 Black/Chestnut, Vegan Mini AS 3024 Black/Chestnut

Zeroe by Airflex - 22 products, certificate 18177 valid to 2 Oct 2021:

House and garden

Coconutsy - 4 products, certificate 18165 valid to 30 Sep 2021:
Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Straws, Seagrass Bags, Coconut Candles

Euclove Clean - 6 products, certificate 18013 valid to 30 Oct 2021:
Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Bedding/Mattress Spray, Hand Wash

Goldilocks Natural Bedding - 3 products, certificate 18158 valid to 24 Aug 2021:
Heavenly Head Pillow, Delicious Doona, Marvellous Mattress

Honeybee Wrap - 5 products, certificate 18172 valid to 2 Oct 2021:
Vegan Food Wrap Kitchen Starter, Vegan Food Wrap Kitchen Collection, Vegan Food Wrap Munch Lunch Twin Medium, Vegan Food Wrap Lushiest Leftovers Twin Large, Vegan Food Wrap Medium Single

Koala Eco - 10 products, certificate 18048 valid to 26 Jun 2021:
Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaner, Koala Eco Bathroom Cleaner, Koala Eco Glass Cleaner, Koala Eco Stainless Cleaner, Koala Eco Dish Soap, Koala Eco Fruit and Vege Wash, Koala Eco Hand Wash, Koala Eco Room Spray, Koala Eco Floor Cleaner, Koala Eco Laundry Wash

LivEssence - 11 products, certificate 18083 valid to 8 Nov 2021:
Natural Reed Diffuser, Natural Reed Diffuser Liquid, Natural Room Mist, Essential Oils, Soy Melts, Soy Candle in Glass, Soy Candle in Ceramic, Natural Perfume Oil, Natural Surface Cleaner, Natural Hand Cleanser, Natural Hand Sanitiser

Natureline Packaging - 4 products, certificate 18198 valid to 18 Jan 2022:
BIOPAP LP trays (unprinted), BIOPAP LC trays (unprinted), BIOPAP MAP trays (unprinted), BIOPAP wrapping paper (unprinted)

Tekoi - 1 product, certificate 18160 valid to 1 Sep 2021:
Yoga Mats

Wild Organic Wash - 5 products, certificate 18101 valid to 29 Jan 2022:
Wild Organic Wash - Multi Purpose Cleaner, Wild Organic Wash - Glass Cleaner, Wild Organic Wash - Auto & Marine Cleaner, Wild Organic Wash - Take Me Anywhere - Shower in a Bottle, Wild Organic Wash - Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Yates - 1 product, certificate 18089 valid to 1 Feb 2022:
Yates Vegan Fertiliser


Larrykin Dog Treats - 8 products, certificate 18004 valid to 11 Sep 2021:
Peanut Butter Dog Treat, Noochymite Dog Treat, Roast Pumpkin Dog Treat, Applemint Dog Treat, Banana Dog Treat, Larryngton Dog Treat, Sweet Potato Dog Treat, Christmas Cookies

PAWDinkum - 12 products, certificate 18037 valid to 1 Jun 2021:
Woof Fresh Treats, Upward Facing Doggie Treats, Christmas Doggie Gingerbread, Pawsturizer, Woof Fresh Spray, Woof Fresh Jowl Wash, Doggie Paddle Bath Salts, Wholistic Neem Treats, Calm Essentials Roll-on, Howl-o-ween Treats, Doggie Gingerbread, Vegan Deep Sea Treats

Prohealth Pet Foods - 1 product, certificate 18167 valid to 8 Sep 2021:
Vegan Adult Dog Food

Puddles & Fetch - 1 product, certificate 18185 valid to 10 Nov 2021:
Make Me Paw-Some! 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo

Rascals Treats - 6 products, certificate 18087 valid to 22 Nov 2021:
Pump it Up Pumpkin Dog Treat, On the Beet Beetroot Dog Treat, Bitch Peas Green Pea Dog Treat, Date Night Date & Blueberry Dog Treat, Top Dog Nutritional Dog Meal Booster, Bark-B-Q Bites

No longer certified

Note that this does not imply these products are not vegan. In most cases it is because the products have been discontinued or the business is no longer operating or has chosen not to recertify their products.

Cold Rock Balaclava - 2 products, certificate 18094 valid to 13 Dec 2020:
Triple Choc Crunch Ice Cream, Apple Pie Ice Cream

Daila - 6 products, certificate 18039 valid to 3 May 2020:
Victoria Natural Herbal Soap Granules, Daila Wall Scrub, Daila Floor scrub, Daila Pet Shampoo, Daila Kitchen degreaser, Daila Bathroom Cleaner

Enzo's at Home - 2 products, certificate 18052 valid to 12 Jul 2020:
Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese, Gluten Free Vegan Penne Bolognese

Farce Charcuterie - 1 product, certificate 18100 valid to 1 Feb 2021:
Plant based vegan black pudding

Golden H Australia - 2 products, certificate 18027 valid to 9 Apr 2020:
Orange Blossom Hydrosol Floral water, Lavender Hydrosol Floral Water

Humble Food Company - 6 products, certificate 18062 valid to 4 Sep 2020:
Walnut and Mushroom Bolognese, Coconut Chickpea Curry, Lentil Lasagne, Mac and Cheeze, Mushroom Stroganoff, Fishless Pie

In Scent Australia - 3 products, certificate 18080 valid to 1 Dec 2020:
Intention Perfume Oil, Intention Perfume, Intention Wooden Bead Diffusing Bracelet

Kikikovic - Living the Change - 3 products, certificate 18063 valid to 5 Sep 2020:
Vegan plant based reusable food wraps, Olive oil body soap, Dish washing soap

La Rapa - 2 products, certificate 18017 valid to 20 Dec 2019:
Fermented Purple Carrot Juice Hot, Fermented Purple Carrot Juice Mild

Makai Skin - 2 products, certificate 18074 valid to 30 Sep 2020:
Makai organic body polish, Makai organic body cream

Noosa Basics - 20 products, certificate 18044 valid to 7 Jun 2020:
Organic Deodorant Stick, Organic Deodorant Stick with Activated Charcoal, Organic Deodorant Stick Sensitive skin/Bi-Carb Free, Organic Deodorant Cream, Organic Deodorant Cream with Activated Charcoal, Organic Deodorant Cream Sensitive skin/Bi-Carb Free, Roll On Deodorant, Roll On Deodorant with Activated Charcoal, Roll On Deodorant Sensitive skin/Bi-Carb Free, Acne Spot Drying Lotion, Scalp Serum, Eye Lash+Brow Revitaliser, Foaming Face Wash With Rosewater & Sea Buckthorn, Foaming Face Wash With Neroli & Black Willow Bark, Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss, Sea Spray, Intimacy Oil, Body Scrub Coffee + Activated Charcoal, Shimmer Body Polish Pink Clay + Hibiscus Powder, Lip balm

Nutri Oil - 5 products, certificate 18067 valid to 13 Sep 2020:
Sesame Oil, Peanut Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil

Planet Fizz Bath, Body & Soul - 7 products, certificate 18069 valid to 23 Sep 2020:
Bath bombs, Whipped soap, Body wash, Bubble bath, Shower steamers, Fizzy bath crumble, Body custard

S Flower Cookies - 4 products, certificate 18075 valid to 9 Oct 2020:
Chocolate Cookies, Matcha Cranberries Cookies, Earl Grey Cookies, Tomato Pizza Cookies

Sugars Skin - 2 products, certificate 18025 valid to 26 Feb 2020:
Body coffee scrub, Bath bombs

The Protein Patisserie Shop - 2 products, certificate 18040 valid to 31 May 2020:
Protein Balls, Protein Slices

Thunder Road Brewery - 7 products, certificate 18053 valid to 23 Jul 2020:
OV Summer Ale, OV Session IPA, OV Organic Lager, OV Apple Cider, Brunswick Organic Summer Ale, Brunswick Organic Session IPA, Brunswick Organic Apple Cider

Two Black Sheep - 5 products, certificate 18086 valid to 22 Nov 2020:
Fruity Raspberry Fudge, Caramel Fudge, Rich Chocolate Fudge, Light Peppermint Fudge, Zesty Lemon Fudge

Val de France - 5 products, certificate 18006 valid to 27 Sep 2019:
L'Authentique French Cider Brut, L'Authentique French Cider Doux, L'Authentique French Cider Raspberry, L'Authentique French Cider Pear, L'Authentique French Cider Ginger Lemon

Whole Bites - 3 products, certificate 18014 valid to 8 Nov 2019:
Original seed cracker mix, Seed cracker mix with chili, Moroccan cracker mix

Winemaking Tasmania - 1 product, certificate 18022 valid to 25 Jan 2020:
Black Devil Cider

Zagame's Hotels - 22 products, certificate 18002 valid to 31 Aug 2020:
Polenta fries, Deep fried vegetable spring rolls, Tomato bruschetta, Beetroot and walnut salad, Maple pumpkin salad, Corn fritters, Vegan beetroot burger, Homemade potato rosti & caponata, Mushroom risotto, Spicy tofu stew with rice, Chickpea and cauliflower curry, Orange & poppy seed cake, Churros & chocolate sauce, Vegan Pina Colada Cake, Butternut Pumpkin Risotto, Mexican Salad, Vegan Fried Rice, Tuscan Vegetable Salad, Vegan Tacos, Chick Pea Fries, Penne Caponata, Spiced Cauliflower Salad

More about vegan product certification

Some common food ingredients, such as glycerine, can be either animal based or vegetable based. Most manufacturers do not state the source of these ingredients in their labelling. If a product has a Vegan Australia Certified logo, you can be assured that the manufacturer guarantees all such ingredients are of vegetable origin.

According to Australian law, some ingredients do not have to be listed on a product's label if the product contains only a small amount. Reading the ingredient list may not be enough to ensure the product does not contain ingredients of animal origin. If an item has a Vegan Australia Certified logo, you can be assured that all ingredients have been checked, even if they do not appear on the label.

Vegan Australia Certified products have no animal ingredients deliberately added to them and manufacturers must take reasonable steps to minimise accidental contamination with non-vegan ingredients. However, since many vegan products are made on shared machinery, there is some risk of cross contamination with non-vegan ingredients, including allergens. If potential allergen contamination is a concern for you, please check with the manufacturer or ensure the product has an appropriate allergen statement.

The Vegan Australia Certified program only certifies products according to our strict standard. There are several other certification programs you may be interested in, such as cruelty free, whole food plant based, organic, veganicpalm oil free, sustainable palm oil, Australian made and fair trade. Apart from cruelty free, the Vegan Australia Certified program does not certify in these areas.

See also Vegan Australia Certified for businesses.

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  • Diana Palmer
    commented 2020-10-08 17:29:27 +1100
    It’s great that so many vegan options are available to us now. I think the next issue that needs addressing is the packaging. I find it extremely disappointing that so much PLASTIC is involved in vegan food production and distribution. Surely protection of animal lives is linked to the avoidance of plastic crap in this world???
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