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Summary of how to apply for certification

  1. Check: Read the standard to check your products are vegan.
  2. Apply: Download the application form (Word document), fill it in and email it to us.
  3. Review: We will review your application and check all ingredients. If more information is needed, we will contact you.
  4. Agreement: If we confirm your products are vegan, we will send you a licence agreement to be signed and returned.
  5. Payment: Pay the annual licence fee.
  6. Certification: We will send you the hi-res graphics of the logo above and a certificate.
  7. Thank you!

The Vegan Australia Certified program sets the standard for authentic vegan food and products in Australia. Under the program, product makers may display the Vegan Australia Certified logo on licensed vegan items that meet our criteria. The logo indicates that the product does not contain animal ingredients and none of the manufacturing or testing processes involve animals or animal products. It's simple: if your product meets our standard you can certify it.

The Vegan Australia Certified program will initially cover vegan food and drink products and menu items and may later be extended to non-food items and services. Each product is certified on its own merits. This encourages makers to develop vegan products and to improve their labelling.

Vegan Australia aims to make veganism more available, convenient and accepted. The Vegan Australia Certified logo is one way to introduce the concept of veganism to the public and to further the movement towards a world where animals are no longer used by humans for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose.

For businesses

Along with the booming demand for vegan products in Australia, there is a growing demand from businesses for national vegan certification. Interest has been shown by businesses in a variety of sectors wishing to label their products as "vegan approved", including winemakers, supermarkets, food producers and restaurants.

A Vegan Australia Certified logo on your products can increase sales, attracting not only more vegan customers but also those interested in consuming more ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly products. The logo is easily recognised and allows people to shop without constantly consulting ingredient lists. Research has shown that people who buy vegan food are more likely to buy a product that is clearly marked as vegan.

Makers of certified products can benefit by using the logo on packaging, menus, associated promotional materials, social media and anywhere online. If all your products are certified vegan then you may place the logo anywhere your business name appears. Customers can see at a glance that your business produces quality, ethical products.

Even before the official launch of Vegan Australia Certified, we received some very supportive comments, including:

  • "Great idea! This will make shopping much easier. A game changer!"
  • "The logo really will be helpful in spotting vegan foods. Will be great to see this on products."
  • "Looking forward to the certification scheme to ensure products are legitimate."
  • "Love it! It will make things so much easier than scrolling through every ingredient and checking additives on every product."
  • "I think this a great cause and can only see the demand for vegan products increase significantly."

For customers

The Vegan Australia Certified logo is a simple and reliable symbol for vegan products, services and organisations. The logo helps you choose products you can trust, saving time as you do not have to scrutinise the ingredients list or contact the manufacturers.

Some common food ingredients, such as glycerine, can be either animal based or vegetable based. Most manufacturers do not state the source of these ingredients in their labelling. If a product has a Vegan Australia Certified logo, you can be assured that the manufacturer guarantees all such ingredients are of vegetable origin.

According to Australian law, some ingredients do not have to be listed on a product's label if the product contains only a small amount. Reading the ingredient list may not be enough to ensure the product does not contain ingredients of animal origin. If an item has a Vegan Australia Certified logo, you can be assured that all ingredients have been checked, even if they do not appear on the label.

Vegan Australia Certified products have no animal ingredients deliberately added to them. However, many vegan products are made on shared machinery and so there is a risk of cross contamination with non-vegan ingredients. To certify their products, manufacturers must show they take reasonable steps to minimise cross contamination. If potential allergen cross contamination is an issue for you, please check with the manufacturer.

Note that the Vegan Australia Certified program only certifies that products do not contain animal derivedĀ ingredients. There are several other certification programs you may be interested in, such as cruelty free, whole food plant based, organic, palm oil free, sustainable palm oil, Australian made and fair trade. Note that, apart from cruelty free, the Vegan Australia Certified program does not certify in these areas.

If you know of any vegan products that currently do not display the Vegan Australia Certified logo, please contact the maker and suggest they join up. This will not only help other people easily find vegan products, it will also let makers know that people are looking for ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Vegan Australia Certified standard

All certified products and services registered with the Vegan Australia Certified program meet the criteria set out in the Vegan Australia Certified standard. This ensures that certified products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and that animal products have not been used during the manufacturing process.

How to apply for certification

To apply for certification, organisations should read the standard to confirm their products are vegan and then complete the Application for certification with the Vegan Australia Certified program and email it to Vegan Australia. The more complete the application, the faster the certification.

All information submitted to Vegan Australia in an application for certification will be treated as confidential and we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

After we receive all the information our team will review your application and check each submitted product against our standard. We may request further information to verify any ingredients that may be animal derived. If it is then found that the products comply with the standard, we will forward to you a licence agreement which should be signed and returned along with the annual licence fee. We will then issue you with a certificate of registration for the certified products along with details of how to use the Vegan Australia Certified logo. For any queries please contact Vegan Australia.

How much does it cost to certify products

An annual licence fee is charged to use the Vegan Australia Certified logo. The fee is $150 plus $100 for every $100,000 over $100,000 of gross annual income from the certified products. For example, if your total sales of vegan products is less than $100,000 per year then the annual licence fee would be $150, if total sales is less than $200,000 then the fee would be $250, etc.

Products are certified for one year, after which certification must be renewed.

Note: these terms and conditions may be revised at any time. Last updated September 2018.

Apply for certification

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