International vegan events

There are 6 upcoming international events. We try our best to only list events that are 100% vegan. Please contact us if you spot any mistakes.

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  • Animal Liberation Conference 2019

    Wednesday 29 May to Tuesday 4 June 2019
    Animal Liberation Conference: The Animal Liberation Conference is an annual conference for grassroots, nonviolent animal activists. It is a week-long conference of talks, trainings, socials and actions all aimed at making you the best animal activist you can possibly be. Read more →
  • International Vegan Rights Alliance Conference

    Friday 31 May to Saturday 1 June 2019
    International Vegan Rights Alliance: Shifting the balance: the potential and limits of using law to support the growth of veganism. The theme of this year's conference is the utility of using law to contribute to the social conditions required for the growth of veganism and, thus, contribute to dismantling speciesist prejudice. Veganism is a way of life that is directed by deep convictions regarding... Read more →
  • Vegan India Expo

    Friday 5 July to Sunday 7 July 2019
    New Delhi
    Vegan Expo: Vegan Expo 2019 will play a pivotal role in helping businesses meet with other players of the Vegan industry, promote their business and the products and services that it offers. It would also provide a great way to network with other members and grow the customer base exponentially along with fostering the process of learning. An unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face... Read more →
  • International Animal Rights Conference 2019

    Thursday 5 September to Sunday 8 September 2019
    International Animal Rights Conference: Welcome to the International Animal Rights Conference 2019! The International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg will take place on September 5th until 8th 2019 at the Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. We welcome all animal rights activists and of course all people who care about animals, the environment, and would like to learn more about animal rights in both theory and practice.... Read more →
  • International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

    Sunday 22 September to Wednesday 25 September 2019
    International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference: Breaking new ground, this medical conference transcends the individual experience comprised of anecdotal stories and historical research often associated with plant-based nutrition. The conference objective is to support the benefits of a plant-based dietary lifestyle through a review of current and progressive scientific research evidencing the preventive and disease fighting capabilities of whole food, plant-based nutrition. Geared toward medical doctors... Read more →
  • Vegan World 2030 Celebration

    Tuesday 1 January 2030
    Vegan World by 2030: We will all welcome the year 2030, wherever each of us are, celebrating the victory of JUSTICE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS and WISDOM, when all animal use has been banned, when no more animal farming or harming, animal use or slaughterhouses are legal, and when every single human on Earth has gone vegan and respects all life. This is a GOAL, not... Read more →

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