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There are 13 upcoming events in Queensland. We try our best to only list events that are 100% vegan. Please contact us if you spot any mistakes.

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  • International online rally for animal rights

    Thursday 2 April to Sunday 5 April 2020
    UAnimals: The first International online rally for animal rights will be held on 2 April. Our planet has been quarantined, but the cruelty and exploitation of animals continue. We are convinced that global challenges must become a lesson and change the behavior of society. People should finally realize that animals are not a resource, slaves, or an entertainment tool. We are... Read more →
  • Call out to all filmmakers - Vegan Film Festival

    Saturday 4 April to Thursday 30 April 2020
    Vegan Film Festival: The Vegan Film Festival is an advantageous celebration of unique storytelling and compassion, located in one of the world's most liveable cities - Adelaide, Australia. Brought to you by the organisers of the world renowned Vegan Festival Adelaide, this Film Festival elevates another platform for pioneering artists to share their visions of a sustainable world, inspiring stories of kindness and... Read more →
  • Vegan T-shirt day Covid-19

    Saturday 4 April 2020
    Everywhere in the world - this is an online virtual event, Online
    Vegan T-shirt Day: With much of the world is stuck in the house trying to stay safe. I'm hoping more people will join us for this month. This, like all monthly VTSD events are virtual. Wear an Animal Rights shirt, badge, patch, hat or anything with a message and share your selfie (bumper stickers too!) on the page on the day of the... Read more →
  • Animal Liberation Online Assembly Kickoff

    Saturday 18 April 2020
    Animal Liberation Conference: The Animal Liberation Online Assembly starts April 18th, 2020! In our kick-off event of this series, we'll reveal all the details on the schedule of events happening from April 18th through the end of May. We'll also be hearing from exciting guest speakers, listening to some live music, and announcing a new program we're launching to strengthen our global community.... Read more →
  • Animal Experimentation info session online webinar

    2:00pm Saturday 18 April 2020
    Online webinar
    Sydney Save Animals in Laboratories: Join use for an online webinar information session and workshop where we will discuss animal experimentation in 2020 and in Australia. We will break down what it all means, what it looks like and how to outreach on it with confidence. What the other scientific methods are and how viable they are. We will use talks and videos. Other Hosted... Read more →
  • International Respect for Chickens Day

    Monday 4 May 2020
    United Poultry Concerns: International Respect for Chickens Day is an annual project launched by the United Poultry Concerns in 2005 to celebrate chickens throughout the world and protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. Respect for Chickens Day is the perfect time to educate others about these much under-appreciated birds. Despite their reputation, chickens are clever, social birds. They have self-awareness... Read more →
  • Greenhouse Coolangatta Lunch

    12:00pm Saturday 16 May 2020
    Greenhouse Canteen and Bar Coolangatta, Coolangatta (map)
    Vegan Life!: It's been more than a year since we had lunch at the wonderful Greenhouse Coolangatta. At that time over two dozen people enjoyed their delicious food. Let's see if we can break that record! Join us for lunch at 12 noon and enjoy the famous Greenhouse food experience. See you there! Read more →
  • Vegan Greek Cuisine

    2:00pm Saturday 23 May 2020
    Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, West End (map)
    Australian School of Meditation & Yoga: At ASMY, we have created a variety of vegan cooking classes to introduce, inspire and whet your appetite for beautiful, whole food that will nourish your body and boost your glow. We aim to delight the senses with all our ASMY experiences, and our cooking classes are no exception - think delicious, beautifully presented food with easy recipes to recreate... Read more →
  • Help Us Stop Future Pandemics

    Sunday 31 May 2020
    The Living Kind: Zoonotic diseases such as Covid-19, sars, ebola, mad cow, bird flu, swine flu, Q fever et al, in human animals are caused by breeding, hunting, confinement and killing animals for food. Three out of every four new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals. Is the answer to continue creating vaccines to live? Why not address the cause... Read more →
  • Botanic Gardens Veganluck in the Park

    12:00pm Saturday 6 June 2020
    Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa (map)
    Vegan Life!: It's been a year since we experienced the gorgeous Botanical Gardens at Benowa. As the Autumn weather begins to take hold, we'll gather at this beautiful park for our April Veganluck in the Park. We'll enjoy vegan food with like-minded friends in a stunning location. Bring vegan food to share, along with recyclable utensils and a chair/picnic rug. We hope... Read more →

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