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Toowoomba takes vegan message to roadside

In Toowoomba, Australia's second largest inland city, a campaign is under way to educate residents about the impact their choices have on animals and the environment. The group Vegans in... Read more →

Vegan talks to be highlight of Animal Activists Forum

The annual Animal Activists Forum has always been a strong advocate for veganism and this year is no different. Held in Melbourne from 10 to 11 October 2015, the forum... Read more →

Catchy new vegan anthem: "Happy Veganniversary"

A brand new song has been released by a Sydney songwriter as a celebratory anthem for the vegan movement. "Happy Veganniversary" is a short, high-energy burst of good cheer for vegans... Read more →

Trending: more top restaurants going vegan

One of Sydney's most popular pizzerias, Gigi in Newtown, has launched a new menu and it's 100% plant based. The new menu blends centuries old tradition with modern culinary innovation... Read more →

Demand for meat alternatives growing in Australia

Demand for alternatives to flesh based foods is growing in Australia, as more people ditch meat. This has resulted in significant increases in the production of meat alternatives, as a... Read more →

Vegan profile: Philip Wollen

“In their capacity to suffer, a dog is a pig is a bear is a boy.” ~ Philip Wollen When it comes to helping animals, there is a small number... Read more →

Animal sanctuaries offer a glimpse into the true nature of animals

Every year millions of Australian animals are exploited for food, clothing, entertainment, and animal experimentation. A very small number of these end up living their lives in peace at an... Read more →

Everyday Vegans photograph book coming soon

"Everyday Vegans" is a new book by acclaimed vegan author Kathy Divine. A collection of stunning photographs and fascinating interviews with vegans from around the globe, it is a book... Read more →

Free tickets for UNITY preview screening

Vegan Australia has 5 free double passes to see the preview of UNITY, the follow up documentary from acclaimed director of EARTHLINGS, Shaun Monson. If you would like a chance... Read more →

Farmers miss the point on climate change say vegans

Media release: There has been a major shift on the issue of climate change from one of Australia's most influential farming groups, but vegans say this will not be enough... Read more →