Your vegan story wanted

Vegan Australia is collecting stories of how people became vegan, to publish as a series, "Profiles of a new vegan". We hope these stories will be of interest to other people considering veganism. We also plan to use these stories to find out how people become vegan so Vegan Australia can be more effective by focussing on those areas in the future.

If you have become vegan in the last year or so, we invite you record briefly the process you went through to become vegan. These questions may be useful to guide you: What influenced you as you transitioned to being vegan? What beliefs about animals did you have before this? What influenced you to keep consuming animal products in the past? What helped you on your journey to being vegan? How have you changed after becoming vegan?

Contact us here and we will publish as many as we can on our profiles page and Facebook page.

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