Yates Vegan Fertiliser now on the shelves

We are pleased to announce that Australia's first vegan certified fertiliser has been released by Yates.

Yates Vegan Fertiliser is the first product of its type and will fill a currently unmet need for people who want to grow plants without using any animal products.

It is a balanced plant food that contains a blend of natural minerals as well as slow release and fast-acting fertilisers that gently feed the plants for up to three months.

It's low odour too, so can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants, including natives.

Yates Vegan Fertiliser contains

  • zeolite to improve soil nutrient holding capacity
  • seaweed for strong roots
  • carbon for soil vitality
  • natural rock minerals to provide trade elements for complete plant health
  • and no animal ingredients!

The vegan fertiliser can be used on garden beds or vegetable patches, indoor or outdoor potted plants, flowers, annuals, shrubs, trees, orchids and lawns.

Always apply to moist soil or potting mix and water in well after application. Apply a few centimetres from plant stem. Do not allow product to touch plant stem. For plants in pots, apply around edge of pot.

Let's hope this is the first of many more commercial vegan products for growing plants without the use of animal products.

Check your local Bunnings store for stock. If it is not there, ask them to order it in!

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