World's biggest vegan shop now open in Melbourne

As a demonstration of the amazing growth of veganism in Australia over the last few years, the biggest vegan shop in the world opened in Melbourne recently.

This new branch of The Cruelty Free Shop vegan market chain has more than 3,500 vegan products, including over 50 kinds of vegan cheese, baked goods, coffee, cake, hot pies, fruit and veg, fashion, cosmetics, home goods, and more.

From humble beginnings 15 years ago, the Cruelty Free Shop started as an online store based out of Jessica Bailey's spare room in Sydney. They now have five stores across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Online) and the widest range of vegan products in the country.

The original Melbourne store outgrew its location and was moved to larger premises in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. There is now room for more than 1000 new items in stock.


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