The animals of "The Show"

Agricultural shows have been a part of Australian culture for over 100 years. All cities and major towns have one, from the Dalwallinu Ag Show in WA to the Brisbane "Ekka", currently now on.

While graziers and other animal farmers try to show their animals in the best light, it is not hard to see the suffering and degradation of the animals on display. No matter how well they may be treated they are still commodities to be bought and sold. Their intrinsic value, as animals who have the right to own their own lives, is ignored. The animals in these shows represent the over one million animals killed every day in Australia for food.

Photographer Ingrid Coles attended the Ekka (the Brisbane Royal Show) and spent a moment with the animals there. Her eerie images capture the sadness and quiet desperation of animals whose bodies are used and exploited for food and fibre.

While we understand the crucial importance of farming to society, we believe that it is time for animal agriculture to end. In Australia we have access to an unbelievable variety of plant foods which is reflected in the produce competitions and displays at many agricultural shows, proudly showing the astounding range and quality of plant foods grown in the region.

No more animals in agricultural shows, no more animals in agriculture, no more animals being owned and exploited by humans for any purpose.

These haunting images appear to look into the hearts of these animals. Please click on any image below to open the gallery and then zoom in to see the animals up close. Who do you see in their eyes?

Photo credit: Ingrid Coles

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