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Vegan Australia's guide to vegan community events Looking to meet other vegans or to learn more about veganism and animal rights? We list 100s of vegan and animal rights events... Read more →

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People from all walks of life are becoming interested in veganism. In this series of "Profiles of new vegans", we let new vegans speak for themselves about how and why... Read more →

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To help promote veganism as mainstream, Vegan Australia lobbies governments by making submissions to inquiries ranging from animal rights and welfare to the environment, education, health, nutrition and diet.  Below... Read more →

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Steps to becoming vegan You want to become vegan, you've read all the reasons and benefits, but you're not sure where to start? It could be easier than you think.... Read more →

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Veganism is a social justice movement that is striving to bring about a world where animals are not exploited for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose. While concern for... Read more →

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To be healthy we must all make sure we are consuming the right balance of nutrients. Your diet should be rich in whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans,... Read more →

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Vegan Australia is a volunteer run organisation and needs people like you to help our work for animals, people and our planet.  We are looking for volunteers from all around... Read more →

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  • Richard Santa
    commented 2018-09-04 16:42:13 +1000
    The annual Pacific Island Forum is going on at the moment and man made climate change is a “hot” topic. I am collecting information to with the hope of taking a delegation there in the future, the aim is to convince one of these nations and possibly all of them to be the first “vegan nation”. If just one of the pacific island nations made the political decision to legislate the rights of sentient beings and phase out animal agriculture the ripple on effect in the United Nations General Assembly would be dramatic Such a statement by the people most vulnerable to climate change could not be ignored.
  • Bonny Hut
    commented 2018-01-16 03:12:32 +1100
    Wo / man kind will NEVER stop being cruel to each other as long as we keep being cruel to animals and as long as we keep consuming the frequency of suffering and injustice.

    Cancer rates and other diseases are suddenly also SOARING and the answers are right under our noses but most people dont look further than what they are told by the system. We are living in the information age so there is no excuse for ignorance … but people continue to choose the path of ignorance and the path of direct or indirect cruelty and are paying for it right within their very own bodies. People are directly reaping the Karma of their actions but cant see it … or choose not to see it.

    Ignorance is bliss … until you get ill.

    Just my opinion. Thank you for this AMAZING website !

    Bonny Hut
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