Take a few minutes to help end cosmetic testing on animals

The Australian Government is currently looking for input on a proposal to ban cosmetic testing on animals. There is a short survey that you can complete to have your say. Please take a few minutes to fill it out. The survey closes this Friday 16 December 2016.

There is space at the end of the survey for general comments. Vegan Australia suggests you use this opportunity to request that the ban be extended to all other animal use, because the reason is the same: to avoid causing unnecessary suffering.

Suggested wording for survey comment:

The reason for banning the use of animals to test cosmetics is that it is unnecessary and causes suffering to animals. This reason also applies to many other uses of animals, such as for food, clothing and entertainment. I propose that the ban be broadened to also cover the use of farmed animals, horse and dog racing, etc. Whenever humans use animals, the animals suffer and die. In all cases where this use is not necessary, it should be banned.

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