Submissions to inquiries

To help promote veganism as mainstream, Vegan Australia lobbies governments by making submissions to inquiries ranging from animal rights and welfare to the environment, education, health, nutrition and diet.  Below are some of the submissions we have made recently.

End animal use, says Vegan Australia submission on animal welfare

Media release: The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines are currently under review and public submissions have been requested. In its submissions to the review, Vegan Australia has called for... Read more →

Submission on environmental impacts of Dietary Guidelines

This is a submission on the Public Consultation Draft of the environmental appendix to the Australian Dietary Guidelines.  The environmental appendix was added after the public consultation of the initial... Read more →

Submission to the National Food Plan (Green Paper)

Vegan Australia has made a submission on the National Food Plan, calling for a transition to a vegan food system in Australia. Please read the full submission below as well... Read more →

Submission on draft Australian Dietary Guidelines

Vegan Australia is campaigning for the new Australian Dietary Guidelines to promote a vegan diet. In a combined submission with the Vegan Society NSW on the new draft Australian Dietary... Read more →

Submission to a National Food Plan (Issues Paper)

Vegan Australia, in its combined submission with the Vegan Society NSW on a National Food Plan, has called for the transition to a sustainable, compassionate, vegan diet to be a... Read more →