Submissions to inquiries

To help promote veganism as mainstream, Vegan Australia lobbies governments by making submissions to inquiries ranging from animal rights and welfare to the environment, education, health, nutrition and diet.  Below are some of the submissions we have made recently.

Inquiry told animal agriculture is major driver of Australia's faunal extinction crisis

Many native animal species in Australia are at risk of becoming extinct. The key threat to Australian fauna is habitat loss through land clearing, both past and continuing, and the... Read more →

Animal agriculture is major threat to koalas

Koalas in Australia are at risk of becoming extinct. The key threat to koala survival is land clearing, both past and continuing, and the key driver for tree-clearing is the... Read more →

Punish animal harmers, not whistleblowers

In a submission to a Victorian Government inquiry into animal rights activism, Vegan Australia urged the government to recognise that punishing whistleblowers in the animal agriculture industry is against the... Read more →

Don't blame the messenger, the public has a right to know

In a submission to a Senate inquiry into ag-gag laws, Vegan Australia has recommended that the Bill be rejected on the grounds that it is against the interests of both... Read more →

Not just hens out of cages, we want hens out of farming!

In a submission to a NSW government inquiry, Vegan Australia has called for not just battery cages to be banned but for all animal agriculture to be phased out completely.... Read more →

Animal farming is major cause of climate change, Victorian government told

To prevent the worst effects of catastrophic climate change, governments must address the fact that animal agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. In its submission to the... Read more →

End summer sheep export! End all animal use!

In a submission to the Australian government, Vegan Australia has argued that not only should sheep not be exported live during hot months, but that no animals should be exported... Read more →

Submission on vegan diet and mental health

Vegan Australia recently made a submission to a Productivity Commission inquiry into mental health. The submission detailed how a whole food plant based (vegan) diet can positively affect the mental... Read more →

Ban live export / end all animal farming

Live animal export is horrific and must end. However, animals exported overseas make up less than 1% of all animals bred, raised and killed in Australia for food. We must... Read more →

Get chickens out of farming, government inquiry told

Over 900 submissions calling for the end of chicken farming were received by the recent government inquiry into poultry welfare. This is the first time that a government inquiry has... Read more →