Submissions to inquiries

To help promote veganism as mainstream, Vegan Australia lobbies governments by making submissions to inquiries ranging from animal rights and welfare to the environment, education, health, nutrition and diet.  Below are some of the submissions we have made recently.

Vegan input into NSW food security inquiry

Note: submissions have now closed. Thank you to the over 450 supporters who signed the petition and made their own submissions. A NSW parliament inquiry is looking into food security,... Read more →

Vegans stand up to the meat industry at hearing

Vegan Australia was proud to join seven other vegan and animal rights groups invited to present at a Senate hearing into labelling of plant based alternative products. The other groups... Read more →

Animal welfare inquiry told: phase out animal farming

Image credit: We Animals The NSW animal welfare laws are currently under review and the NSW Government says that "protecting the welfare of animals is a priority" for the Government.... Read more →

Animal industry threatened by growth of plant-based products

Threatened by the growth of plant-based alternative meat products, the animal agriculture industry has forced yet another inquiry into vegan food labelling. In its submission to the senate inquiry, Vegan... Read more →

Vegan input given to Preventive Health Strategy inquiry

Vegan Australia recently made a submission to the Australian Department of Health on its Draft National Preventive Health Strategy. The submission (below) was made in response to this consultation survey.... Read more →

Dietary Guidelines review: have your say!

The Australian Dietary Guidelines, the standard that is used to guide the nation to healthy eating, is up for review and they want to know what you think should be... Read more →

Dairy industry is unsustainable

The dairy industry is intrinsically unsustainable and should be transitioned to other forms of land use. In a submission to a NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the long-term sustainability of the... Read more →

Animal agriculture is key driver of ecosystem decline, government told

The Australian ecosystem is in decline, biodiversity is threatened and native animal species are at risk of becoming extinct. The key driver for this is the animal agriculture industry and... Read more →

Right to farm? Right to harm!

In a submission to a NSW Government inquiry into a proposed new ag-gag law, the "Right to Farm" Bill, Vegan Australia has urged the government to recognise that punishing whistleblowers... Read more →

"Certified Humane" label should be rejected

An animal agriculture group has applied for a "Certified Humane" trade mark. Vegan Australia has made a submission to the the ACCC objecting to the application on the basis that... Read more →