Profiles of new vegans

People from all walks of life are becoming interested in veganism. In this series of "Profiles of new vegans", we let new vegans speak for themselves about how and why they became vegan, what their influences were and how they have changed. Please contact us if you would like your profile included.

My only regret is that I didn't go vegan sooner

Profile of a new vegan: Jacqueline Ozorio loved the taste of meat. Then she met a vegan guy! Here is her vegan story. I became vegan in the last week... Read more →

I read the truth about baby calves and that was it

Profile of a new vegan: Sarah-Jane Tinkler became vegan after a one month vegan challenge. Here is her vegan story. I have been a vegetarian since I was 11, I... Read more →

Playing my part in shift in consciousness

Profile of a new vegan: Chris Vandermeer is a student from Melbourne. He became vegan six months ago. Here is his vegan story. Early influences In some sense I was... Read more →

I truly believe the world will be vegan one day

Profile of a new vegan: Emma Murray has been 100% vegan for 4 months, and her is partner too! Here is her vegan story. Prior to becoming vegan I was... Read more →

Once I 'woke up' to veganism, I could never go back

Profile of a new vegan: Emily Lewis used to think vegans were weird. Then she became one! :) Here is her vegan story. My story may seem a little different... Read more →

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