Pledge for Animals 2022

The election is now over for 2022. Thank you to all the candidates who signed the pledge. It is now time to put the pledge points into action. Vegan Australia will contact successful candidates to make sure they follow though.

This pledge is intended for candidates in the 2022 federal election. If you are a voter, please click here.

Vegan Australia urges candidates and parties in the 2022 federal election to acknowledge the growing number of Australians who believe society needs to do more for animals.

We ask candidates to show their recognition of this issue by signing our 10-point Pledge for Animals.

Please read through the pledge points below and tick those that you support, then sign the pledge.

1. Independence

Establish a new statutory authority to protect animals, independent of animal agriculture industries and agriculture departments.

2. Sustainability

Recognise the detrimental impact of animal agriculture on serious environmental crises such as human-induced climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss and depletion of fresh water, and act to reverse or reduce these impacts.

3. Climate change

Incentivise the drawdown of carbon on land previously used for animal agriculture by supporting projects such as reforestation, carbon farming, biochar and biodiversity services.

4. Jobs and growth

Encourage the growth of sustainable plant-based alternative industries and associated jobs by supporting research and development into all aspects of these supply chains. Support farmers to transition into more sustainable farming and expand export incentives for plant-based foods.

5. Impartiality

Ensure that the development of public policy is evidence-based and not influenced by vested interests in the animal agriculture industries, in areas including dietary guidelines, animal regulations, health, environment, education and political donations.

6. Honesty

Label products truthfully, by introducing environmental labelling for all foods, showing the impact of production on greenhouse gas emissions, water use, etc.

7. Nutrition

Ensure that meals provided at all public institutions meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines for fibre, fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and plant-based proteins.

8. Pandemics

Acknowledge the warnings of the World Health Organisation that animal agriculture dramatically increases the risk of new diseases, future pandemics and the looming crisis of antibiotic resistance.

9. Transparency

Reverse any policies that permit the animal agriculture industries to hide the suffering of farmed animals behind closed doors.

10. Recognition

Recognise animal sentience in law.

I support the pledge points selected above.

If elected, I will endeavour to be guided by these points.

By signing the Pledge for Animals, I give permission for Vegan Australia to publish my name as a signatory.

Candidates and parties who have already signed the pledge

Below we list candidates and parties who have already signed the Pledge for Animals. As at 13 May 2022.

Parties that have signed

  • Animal Justice Party (whole party)
  • Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia (whole party)
  • Sustainable Australia Party (whole party)
  • Socialist Alliance (whole party)
Sitting members who have signed
  • Andrew Wilkie MP: Independent, Tas Clark
  • David Shoebridge (previously NSW MLC): Greens, NSW Senate
  • Senator Janet Rice: Greens, Vic Senate
  • Senator Jordon Steele-John: Greens, WA Senate
  • Senator Larissa Waters: Greens, Qld Senate
  • Senator Mehreen Faruqi: Greens, NSW Senator
  • Senator Peter Whish-Wilson: Greens, Tas Senate
Candidates who have signed
  • Alana Galli-McRostie: Greens, Vic Goldstein
  • Alicia Walker: AJP, Vic Higgins
  • Amanda Dorn: AJP, WA Senate
  • Andrea Leong: Fusion, NSW Senate
  • Andrew Mclean: Greens, Qld Hinkler
  • April Broadbent: Greens, Qld Moncrieff
  • Apurva Shukla: Greens, NSW Werriwa
  • Bree Roberts: AJP, NSW Shortland
  • Carmel McCallum: Greens, NSW Gilmore
  • Cate Sinclair: Greens, Vic Bendigo
  • Catherine Dyson: Greens, NSW Cook
  • Cecily Rosol: Greens, Tas Bass
  • Charlotte McCabe: Greens, NSW Newcastle
  • Chetan Sahai: Greens, NSW Sydney
  • Clint Uink: Greens, WA Swan
  • Colin Lane: Greens, Vic Flinders
  • Darren Briggs: Greens, Tas Braddon
  • Darren Brollo: AJP, NSW Senate Lead
  • David Sherlock: AJP, SA Sturt
  • Emily Brollo: AJP, NSW Newcastle
  • Frankie Bray: AJP, SA Boothby
  • Ivan Davis: AJP, Tas Senate Lead
  • Jade Darko: Greens, Tas Franklin
  • James Haggerty: Fusion Party, NSW Grayndler
  • Janet Shelley: Greens, Tas Clark
  • Jenny Game: Greens, Vic Casey
  • Jeremy Carter: Greens, SA Boothby
  • Julie Pastro: AJP, SA Senate
  • Julie Power: AJP, NSW Senate
  • Katie McCusker: Greens, SA Sturt
  • Kristyn Glanville: Greens, WA Warringah
  • Leah Horsfall: AJP, Vic Wills
  • Louise Pfeiffer: AJP, SA Senate Lead
  • Mackenzie Severns: AJP, Qld Senate
  • Matt Pastro: AJP, SA Hindmarsh
  • Max Chandler-Mather: Greens, Qld Griffith
  • Michael Anagno: AJP, WA Cowan
  • Michael Dello-Iacovo: AJP, NSW Grayndler
  • Natasa Sojic: Greens, NSW Senate
  • Niko Leka: Socialist Alliance, NSW Senate
  • Patchouli Paterson: Greens, Vic Scullin
  • Paula Gilbard: AJP, Qld Longman
  • Paula Sanchez: Socialist Alliance, NSW Senate Lead
  • Phillip Musumeci: Greens, Qld Leichhardt
  • Rachael Jacobs: Greens, NSW Grayndler
  • Rachael Nehmer: AJP, Vic Kooyong
  • Rachel Evans: Socialist Alliance, NSW Senate
  • Rebecca Galdies: Greens, SA Adelaide
  • Rohan Laxmanalal: AJP, NSW Parramatta
  • Sarah Russell: Independent, Vic Flinders
  • Shelly McGrath: Greens, NSW Robertson
  • Sonya Semmens: Greens, Vic Higgins
  • Steph Hodgins-May: Greens, Vic Macnamara
  • Sue Etheridge: Greens, Qld Fairfax
  • Susanne Bayly: AJP, Qld Leichhardt
  • Tash Poole, AJP, Qld Fairfax
  • Taylor Vandijk: Greens, NSW Barton
  • Tiana Kennedy: AJP, Qld Brisbane
  • Tim Hollo: Greens, ACT Canberra
  • Tim White: Greens, SA Grey
  • Tjanara Goreng Goreng: Greens, ACT Senate
  • Victor Kline: TNL, NSW North Sydney
  • Yana del Valle: AJP, ACT Senate Lead

To find out more about Pledge for Animals 2022, please contact us.