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Greta Thunberg blasts ban on labels for vegan food

The European animal agriculture industry is in a panic about the rising popularity of vegan foods. In a bid to counter the increase they have already convinced the European government... Read more →

The Beyond Zero Emissions Zero Carbon Australia Land Use Report

After many years of scientific research, Beyond Zero Emissions launched in 2014 a ground-breaking report on the impact of agriculture on sustainability and climate change in Australia. The report looks... Read more →

Climate change driving diet change - 37% of Aussies now reducing meat consumption

New research from PLAY Market Research (PLAY MR) shows that 37% of Australians are actively reducing their meat consumption, while 10% are dedicated vegan or vegetarian. The research proves there... Read more →

Leave free school milk in the 1950s

The dairy industry is again seeking to have a national free school milk (cow's milk) scheme reintroduced in Australia. These calls come from dairy industry lobby groups like Dairy Australia... Read more →

Dairy industry is unsustainable

The dairy industry is intrinsically unsustainable and should be transitioned to other forms of land use. In a submission to a NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the long-term sustainability of the... Read more →

October is Egg-Free Month

During October let's focus on putting the chicken before the egg. Let's answer that age old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg :-) The world chicken egg... Read more →

September is National Biodiversity Month

National Biodiversity Month is held in September each year to promote the importance of protecting biodiversity in Australia and the world. It is a time to stop and appreciate the... Read more →

Be Kind to Animals Week

This year Be Kind to Animals Week is 1-7 October and it's gearing up to be the biggest in its 10 year history. The annual event was created by the... Read more →

Animal agriculture is key driver of ecosystem decline, government told

The Australian ecosystem is in decline, biodiversity is threatened and native animal species are at risk of becoming extinct. The key driver for this is the animal agriculture industry and... Read more →

Eastern Mediterranean vegan cuisine

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine is a favourite for many vegans. Thanks to our guest writer, Melbourne based Randa Mushcab, for exploring more in this article. When not cooking up delicious vegan... Read more →