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New Victorian Animal Welfare "Action" Plan disappointing

The final Animal Welfare Action Plan has been published by the Victorian Government. It is a disappointing document which contains no protections for animals and confirms their property status as... Read more →

HappyCow: world's best vegan restaurant list

HappyCow is the world's most complete listing of vegan restaurants. Vegan Australia recommends everyone use HappyCow when looking for restaurants and stores in Australia (or anywhere else in the world!).... Read more →

Kakadu Plum Matcha Coconut Panna Cotta Recipe

This is the recipe for one of the delicious desserts served at the World Vegan Day Lunch in the Great Hall of Parliament House Canberra on Saturday 4 November 2017.... Read more →

One of the best decisions I have ever made

Profile of a new vegan: Kim has been running for 10 years and recently won the women's title in the Asia Trail Master competition. Here is her vegan story. I... Read more →

2017: Vegan advocacy in review

The growth of the vegan movement in Australia continued strongly in 2017. Thanks to your active participation, veganism is being advocated on the streets, in the media and on billboards,... Read more →

Plant based doctors to tour Australia this summer

The successful 2017 Plant Based Symposium tour featuring Dr Michael Klaper has just wrapped, but this December and January will see more international special guests on our shores. A clinical... Read more →

Five day animal justice camp at Melbourne slaughterhouse

Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) is now into the fourth day of an 'Animal Justice Camp' outside one of Australia's largest pig slaughterhouses, Diamond Valley Pork (DVP) in Thomas Road, Laverton... Read more →

Research into plant based diets may improve Indigenous health

Vegan Australia has again called on the country's leading health body to prioritise research into advocating a whole food plant based diet to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.... Read more →

Vegan health practitioners

Are you looking for advice about health issues or vegan nutrition? We have put together this list of vegan health practitioners in Australia. While there are many health professionals who... Read more →

Once you start to believe in yourself...

Profile of a new vegan: Helena bravely recounts her struggle with anorexia and how her compassion for animals has helped her. when we are little, we have this unending sense... Read more →