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Vegan lamingtons, anyone?

Australia Day is coming up and what better way to enjoy it than to bake some vegan lamingtons to share. The lamington is an Aussie culinary icon and sharing vegan... Read more →

Unwanted calves

The current issue of the Animal Studies Journal focuses on the animals used in the dairy industry. As a sample, we reprint below the section "Unwanted calves" from the article... Read more →

2018: A look back

2018 was another huge year for vegan advocacy in Australia! Thanks to your active participation, veganism is being advanced person to person, on the streets, on radio, in newspapers and... Read more →

Can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Profile of a new vegan: Jennifer McNeilly overcame 50 years of being blind to the truth. Here is her vegan story. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, as... Read more →

Have a happy low-waste Christmas - veganism and minimalism

The end of the year is often a time associated with high consumption. In this thoughtful article, guest writer Penny Hall looks at how we can use less without being... Read more →

Australia's first plant-based nutrition conference coming soon

The new Australian charity, Doctors For Nutrition has a mission to educate healthcare practitioners, institutions and the general public about the transformative role of food as medicine. In early 2019,... Read more →

A totally different perspective

Profile of a new vegan: A trip to the local library changed Leo Ryan's live forever. Here is his vegan story. About ten years ago, by chance, I happened to... Read more →

Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal is closed

The Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal 2018 is now closed. The appeal provided support for farmed animal sanctuaries affected by drought in Australia. We received an incredible $30,650 in donations... Read more →

Agriculture minister embarrasses himself over meat tax

In a surprising media release this week, the Australian Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud, claimed that "red meat is essential to a healthy diet." His views contradict major nutrition organisations,... Read more →

Ban live export / end all animal farming

Live animal export is horrific and must end. However, animals exported overseas make up less than 1% of all animals bred, raised and killed in Australia for food. We must... Read more →