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11 year old asking tough questions. Will you listen?

11 year old Brisbane student, Amani Dunlop, is asking climate change questions we should all be asking. Amani wants to inform her community about the role animal agriculture plays in... Read more →

Last chance to join the World Vegan Day Lunch at Parliament House

Celebrate the growth of the vegan movement in Australia at the inaugural World Vegan Day Lunch in the Great Hall venue of Parliament House in Canberra on Saturday 4 November... Read more →

Belgium's new "food triangle": eat more plants, less meat

The Flemish Institute of Healthy Living has recently released new healthy eating guidelines for the country. Using current scientific knowledge about healthy nutrition, they are advising Belgians to drink more... Read more →

Inaugural World Vegan Day Lunch at Parliament House

There is something very special coming up in just one month: a gourmet vegan lunch in the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra! On Saturday 4 November 2017, please come... Read more →

How I became Tegan the vegan

Profile of a new vegan: Tegan was disconnected from food for a long time. Then she started caring. Here is her vegan story. Growing up in Australia I frequently devoured... Read more →

The Caring Project

Peter Maclean is the founder of The Caring Project, a vegan intentional community to be formed by carers, caring and cared for people. Here he describes the vision for the... Read more →

How I made one of the best decisions of my life

Profile of a new vegan: Ramita is an amazing young woman who cares about all animals and the planet. Here is her vegan story. Hi, my name is Ramita and... Read more →

Millions of native animals killed to clear land for animal farming

A shocking new report by WWF-Australia has found that millions of native animals are killed each year due to the bulldozing of their forest and woodland habitats. The study estimates... Read more →

Cube of Truth: effective vegan outreach

Sheila Hart examines the Cube of Truth, highly effective public outreach events occurring in cities and towns around the world. The events show footage to the public of what "food... Read more →

Australia's first Vegan Kids Magazine launched

Melissa Vanderhorst is editor of the new Vegan Kids Magazine. Here is her announcement of the launch of the first issue of the magazine. We are very proud to announce... Read more →