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Carnage: A glimpse into a vegan future

Carnage - the world's first vegan comedy movie. "Carnage: Swallowing the Past" is an inspiring and uplifting film which allows us to imagine a future vegan world, where humans no... Read more →

Principles of vegan permaculture

Reisha Marris of Peace, Love and Dragonflies looks at the principles of both veganism and permaculture and how they can complement each other in vegan permaculture. Vegan permaculture is the... Read more →

It's Do Something! Day

It's Do Something! Day. Every year, 19 July is a day to encourage people to become aware of injustices and to do something about them. Do Something! Day promotes positive... Read more →

Canada recommends high plant diet for health and the planet

Canada has just released a new draft healthy eating guide with a heavy emphasis on plant based whole foods and with no "dairy food" group. As it says "What is... Read more →

Coles falsely claim you "need" dairy

Vegan Australia has sent the following letter to Coles supermarket regarding an advertisement that falsely claims "you need around 3 serves of dairy per day". Please send a similar message... Read more →

New Aussie film: doctors promote plant based diet

Could this new documentary be the Australian "What The Health"? Here are some quotes: "The meat, dairy and egg industries are having quite a significant influence on the information going... Read more →

Brave groups exposing ugly truth of Australian animal farms

An increasing number of organisations are exposing the horrific conditions on Australian animal farms and slaughterhouses. Some of these go undercover and, through great personal risk, obtain photos and footage... Read more →

Doctors conclude plant-based diet will help climate change

Recent reports by a major medical group in Australia warn that climate change poses a major threat to human physical and psychological health. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, representing... Read more →

World Day for the End of Speciesism - 26 August 2017

While many of you reading this will have heard of the word "speciesism", most people in Australia have not and do not know what it stands for. Making this word,... Read more →

Massive rise in veganism reported

A recent survey by research firm GlobalData reports that 6% of US consumers now claim to be vegan, up from just 1% in 2014 and 44% of Germans follow a... Read more →