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Right to farm? Right to harm!

In a submission to a NSW Government inquiry into a proposed new ag-gag law, the "Right to Farm" Bill, Vegan Australia has urged the government to recognise that punishing whistleblowers... Read more →

Vegan advice: How to harness the willpower

Are you experiencing a vegan dilemma? Need advice on anything vegan? Send your questions to (subject line: Vegan Dilemma). Read more questions and answers at our Ask me anything... Read more →

100 doctors and scientists come out in favour of vegan diets for children

Earlier this year, the Belgium Academy of Medicine gave an opinion that vegan diets were dangerous for pregnant and lactating women as well as for children in the growth phase.... Read more →

74 year old vegan outraged for being reported to Australian Federal Police

A 74 year old vegan has been questioned by the Australian Federal Police after objecting to the use of the term "vegan terrorist" by her federal senator. During debate in... Read more →

10 things I changed my mind about vegan activism, Tobias Leenaert

Below is a talk by Tobias Leenaert on '10 things I changed my mind about in 20 years of vegan activism' at the 2019 Animal Rights Conference. Some of these... Read more →

Join the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September to END fossil fuels AND animal agriculture

The world is in the middle of a climate emergency. We don't have much time to avoid runaway climate change and we need to take effective action now to protect... Read more →

SBS tries to link vegan diet with heart disease

A poorly researched piece on SBS World News on 11 September 2019 tried to link a vegan diet with heart disease. It starts with the words "eating a whole foods... Read more →

Inquiry told animal agriculture is major driver of Australia's faunal extinction crisis

Many native animal species in Australia are at risk of becoming extinct. The key threat to Australian fauna is habitat loss through land clearing, both past and continuing, and the... Read more →

Plant-based meat could boost Australian economy by $3 billion

Article from Pro Bono Australia. World-first economic modelling has found that the plant-based meat sector could boost Australia's economy by up to $3 billion and create more than 6,000 full-time... Read more →

Who is Responsible for the Amazon Fires?

This is an essay by Dr Will Tuttle, author of the book The World Peace Diet. The essay looks at the Amazon fires currently being reported in the media. See... Read more →