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Chemists and cattle

By Shannon Merika, author of a new book on the impact of cattle on Australia rivers, "All our beautiful rivers: material and spiritual aspects of eating cows". Natural, normal cows... Read more →

Vegan Australia Certified turns 2!

The Vegan Australia Certified program is now two years old! In that time Vegan Australia has certified over 1000 products that meet the high standards we have set for vegan... Read more →

Media Alert: Call to support animals, farmers and health by drinking plant milks this World Milk Day

In a campaign for World Milk Day, Dairy Australia is trying to persuade the public to drink more milk. Their goal is to increase their profits and they are doing... Read more →

Shutdown increases long-term accessibility for vegan community

Vegan NSW runs both the Sydney and Newcastle monthly vegan markets. Here, volunteer Mantshologane Maile explains how Vegan NSW adapted to the difficulties of the Covid-19 shutdown. Two months ago... Read more →

Respect all mothers this Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to think about how humans treat other mothers, the mothers of species we choose to eat or use in some way. It's time to... Read more →

Yates Vegan Fertiliser now on the shelves

We are pleased to announce that Australia's first vegan certified fertiliser has been released by Yates. Yates Vegan Fertiliser is the first product of its type and will fill a... Read more →

Fruit and Vegetable Consortium to improve health of Australians

Vegan Australia has become a supporter of the Fruit and Vegetable Consortium, a new alliance formed to increase the alarmingly low rates of fruit and vegetable consumption by Australian children... Read more →

New report urges shift from animal to plant based farming for New Zealand

An extensive new report has been published by Vegan NZ on how to transition to plant-based farming to meet climate change targets. The Green Protein Report urges New Zealand to... Read more →

We are the fortunate ones

Profile of a vegan: Philip Ross became interested in plant based diets over 50 years ago. Here is his vegan story. My interest in health started in my school days,... Read more →

I feel good knowing every mouthful is as harm free as it can be

Profile of a new vegan: Even though Jason Glasson always knew he would be vegan, it was still a long journey. Read his vegan story here. I have always 'known'... Read more →