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I read the truth about baby calves and that was it

Profile of a new vegan: Sarah-Jane Tinkler became vegan after a one month vegan challenge. Here is her vegan story. I have been a vegetarian since I was 11, I... Read more →

Playing my part in shift in consciousness

Profile of a new vegan: Chris Vandermeer is a student from Melbourne. He became vegan six months ago. Here is his vegan story. Early influences In some sense I was... Read more →

I truly believe the world will be vegan one day

Profile of a new vegan: Emma Murray has been 100% vegan for 4 months, and her is partner too! Here is her vegan story. Prior to becoming vegan I was... Read more →

Once I 'woke up' to veganism, I could never go back

Profile of a new vegan: Emily Lewis used to think vegans were weird. Then she became one! :) Here is her vegan story. My story may seem a little different... Read more →

Your vegan story wanted

Vegan Australia is collecting stories of how people became vegan, to publish as a series, "Profiles of a new vegan". We hope these stories will be of interest to other... Read more →

Meat industry publicity for veganism

The meat and dairy industry has been giving veganism some good publicity recently. Today's example is the industry website where they give a platform for Aussie Farms founder Chris... Read more →

Live export just one example of animal suffering

The following was released today by Animal Rights Advocates. Stranded Animals Highlight the Problems of the Industry Media release: WA's Animal Rights Advocates (ARA) is saddened by the news that... Read more →

Paris climate agreement may mean end of meat and dairy

The greenhouse gas emission targets agreed to at the Paris Climate Conference will be impossible to meet at current levels of meat and dairy production. Along with the fossil fuel... Read more →

2015: A look back

2015 has been a big year for veganism in Australia! One indication of the growth in veganism is the fact that over 1,600 animal rights and vegan events have been... Read more →

Animal farming - not as big as you think

How much does animal agriculture contribute to the Australian economy? Before reading on, take a guess: 50%? 20%? 10%? No, it's only 1%, just half of the 2% for agriculture... Read more →