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Lucent - the Australian "Earthlings"

Commonly referred to as "the Australian Earthlings", Lucent is a feature-length documentary which explores the darker side of Australia's pig farming industry through a combination of hand-held and hidden camera... Read more →

Submission calls for an end to exhibiting animals

Media release: Vegan Australia has made a submission to the public consultation into the proposed welfare standards for "exhibited animals" (animals kept in zoos, aquariums, etc). Most of the other... Read more →

Leafletting with Vegan Outreach

Would you like to be part of getting the vegan message out to thousands of young people? Chelsea Collins is touring Australia for Vegan Outreach and is handing out leaflets... Read more →

In the media: "Give lamb-assador the chop: vegans"

It's good to see we are getting some coverage of our "Sam, leave the lambs alone this Australia Day" media release. Here is an article in The West Australian based... Read more →

Let's have Generation Peace, not Generation Lamb!

Media Release: Sam, leave the lambs alone this Australia Day. 2014 is the year of veganism. Sam Kekovitch and the Australian meat industries feel so threatened by the growing wave... Read more →

Dr Will Tuttle Tour of Australia and New Zealand

Tickets sales are very strong for Dr Will Tuttle's tour of Australia next month. Some cities are close to capacity so please book now at to avoid missing out.... Read more →

A systems advocacy approach to promoting veganism

A discussion on systems advocacy and how it applies to vegan advocacy.  This was a talk given by Greg McFarlane, Director of Vegan Australia, to the Animal Activists Forum in... Read more →

Response to article on whale hunting

Today there was an intriguing piece in the Fairfax media, No sacred cows: let me eat whale for dinner, by potential vegan, Michael Evans. In it he discusses the inconsistency... Read more →

Government recognises vegan diet as viable option for all Australians

Media release: Australia's peak health body, the NH&MRC, has finally recognised that a vegan diet is a viable option for all Australians. Australia's top health experts are now in agreement... Read more →

Take your vitamin B12, or risk feeling sad!

Feeling melancholic? It might just be a healthy reaction to the current state of the world. Or, it could be caused by low vitamin B12. A recent study suggests that... Read more →