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Fruit and Vegetable Consortium to improve health of Australians

Vegan Australia has become a supporter of the Fruit and Vegetable Consortium, a new alliance formed to increase the alarmingly low rates of fruit and vegetable consumption by Australian children... Read more →

New report urges shift from animal to plant based farming for New Zealand

An extensive new report has been published by Vegan NZ on how to transition to plant-based farming to meet climate change targets. The Green Protein Report urges New Zealand to... Read more →

We are the fortunate ones

Profile of a vegan: Philip Ross became interested in plant based diets over 50 years ago. Here is his vegan story. My interest in health started in my school days,... Read more →

I feel good knowing every mouthful is as harm free as it can be

Profile of a new vegan: Even though Jason Glasson always knew he would be vegan, it was still a long journey. Read his vegan story here. I have always 'known'... Read more →

A long journey to veganism

Profile of a new vegan: Marc Ten Low has taken the long road to veganism. Read his vegan story here. My story of becoming vegan is quite an interesting one... Read more →

Lentil as Anything launches "Together as Anything" program in response to pandemic

Lentil as Anything has been supporting vulnerable communities in Victoria and NSW for the past 20 years by offering vegan food on a pay-as-you-feel basis, as well as┬ájob-skill and training... Read more →

Coronavirus and other diseases caused by animal farming and hunting

We are currently facing a health crisis not seen for over a century and we urge everyone to take all precautions given by experts to help slow the spread of... Read more →

The things we grow up with

Profile of a new vegan: Greg Rostron began his vegan journey at age 60. Here is his vegan story. I was not an overnight vegan. I always thought I should... Read more →

Investment of $4 million encourages kids to eat more vegies

About 95 per cent of Aussie kids are not consuming enough vegetables each day. A new national research initiative, called VegKIT, aims to do something about this health disaster. Run... Read more →

Best thing I have ever done

Profile of a new vegan: Davina Maree met a vegan at the gym who changed her life. Here is her vegan story. Davina grew up in a family bakery and,... Read more →