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Australian doctors turning over a new leaf on diet

Australian doctors, specialists and dieticians are beginning to recognise the important link between nutrition and overcoming many of our modern-day chronic lifestyle diseases. Lucy Stegley explains. It was not so... Read more →

A guide to veganising recipes

This extensive guide to converting old recipes to plant-based was written by Lancey Morris from One of the most challenging parts of becoming a vegan is giving up your... Read more →

Eat more nuts - it could save your life

An extensive analysis of research has shown the health benefits of eating nuts. The research provides "further evidence that nut consumption may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke,... Read more →

Happy holidays

To all our friends, supporters and volunteers, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday season. Thank you for all you have done this year and we look forward... Read more →

2016: A look back

2016 has been another huge year for veganism in Australia! Thanks to your active participation, veganism is being advocated on the streets, on radio, newspapers and online and on buses,... Read more →

Take a few minutes to help end cosmetic testing on animals

The Australian Government is currently looking for input on a proposal to ban cosmetic testing on animals. There is a short survey that you can complete to have your say.... Read more →

Media covers Vegan Australia dairy phase out demand

The Fairfax agricultural press has reported the Vegan Australia proposal for a 10 year phase out of the dairy industry. This proposal was made in a submission to a Senate... Read more →

Submission tells ACCC dairy inquiry to phase out dairy farming

An ACCC inquiry into the dairy industry has been told that the only fair way for the animals is for the industry to be phased out. In its response to... Read more →

Sydney bus campaign urges public to choose vegan

A provocative advertisement by the Vegan Society NSW on buses throughout Sydney asks people to rethink their eating choices in the run up to Christmas. 'Why love one but eat... Read more →

'Free range' not worth the label it is written on

Vegan Australia has rejected the use of the term 'free range' on egg labels on the grounds that it is likely to mislead consumers. Presenting the choice of free range... Read more →