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Submission tells ACCC dairy inquiry to phase out dairy farming

An ACCC inquiry into the dairy industry has been told that the only fair way for the animals is for the industry to be phased out. In its response to... Read more →

Sydney bus campaign urges public to choose vegan

A provocative advertisement by the Vegan Society NSW on buses throughout Sydney asks people to rethink their eating choices in the run up to Christmas. 'Why love one but eat... Read more →

'Free range' not worth the label it is written on

Vegan Australia has rejected the use of the term 'free range' on egg labels on the grounds that it is likely to mislead consumers. Presenting the choice of free range... Read more →


To answer some questions about the facts presented in our video "Global warming: what can you do?", below are explanations with references to the evidence for these and other facts.... Read more →

Global warming: what can you do?

We all know global warming is a big problem. This short video explains one source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia that may surprise you and shows how you can... Read more →

Over 40 and vegan? Help cancer research

The Cancer Council of Victoria is currently seeking participants for a national research study examining how our genes, lifestyle, and environment contribute to our risk of developing cancer. Part of... Read more →

Rise in rural tourism to help end animal farming

Rural tourism is expected to rise in the coming years. This is good news for farmed animals as it will allow more farmers to move out of animal exploiting industries.... Read more →

Trump's election changes the game on climate change

Vegan Australia does not ordinarily comment directly on global politics, but the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States is an exception. Trump's election means many things... Read more →

Senate dairy inquiry told to phase out dairy farming

The Senate inquiry into the dairy industry, instructed to find "a fair, long term solution to Australia's dairy crisis", has been told that the only fair way for the animals... Read more →

Melbourne study: vegan foods have smallest footprint

Results released by researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology confirm that plant based foods have the smallest greenhouse gas emissions. The researchers reviewed 369 published studies looking at... Read more →