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Melbourne study: vegan foods have smallest footprint

Results released by researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology confirm that plant based foods have the smallest greenhouse gas emissions. The researchers reviewed 369 published studies looking at... Read more →

Happy World Vegan Day 2016

Today is the 22nd annual World Vegan Day. This is a monumental day in the vegan calendar. A day where vegans unite in social gatherings around the world and others... Read more →

Could potatoes help save the world?

There has been great interest in a new way to process the humble potato, opening up the possibility of both world food security and vegan cheese-on-toast! An Australian research and... Read more →

Consumers moving away from cows milk to plant milks

A recent ABC Landline program, Nut Milk, reports that Australians are lapping up non-dairy milks, such as soy, almond, hazelnut, coconut, oat and rice. Sales of these milks have been... Read more →

Launch of new directory of vegan-friendly eateries

(From VegieFind media release) During Vegetarian Awareness month, VegieFind launches Australia's first search engine for qualified vegie-friendly eateries! VegieFind has painstakingly scoured Australia to showcase 2,000 (and counting!) of the... Read more →

Research begins on increasing adoption of vegan products

Some interesting research is being done at QUT (Queensland University of Technology), looking at how to increase the adoption of vegan products by consumers. The researchers undertaking this project ask,... Read more →

Nutrients in a vegan diet

If you are thinking about becoming vegan you may be asking yourself "Will I get the nutrients I need from a vegan diet?". Our nutrition writer Georgia Bamber sets your... Read more →

Mental distress of slaughterhouse workers

"The worst thing, worse than the physical danger, is the emotional toll. Pigs down on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later... Read more →

Thank you for your strong support to end animal agriculture

Over 150 submissions calling for the phasing out of animal farming in Australia were received by the recent Productivity Commission inquiry into agriculture. This is the first time that a... Read more →

Animals deserve respect, even 'pests'

Animals we commonly classify as 'pests' are in fact individual, sentient beings with likes, dislikes, wants, needs and emotions. This principle forms the basis of Vegan Australia's submission to a... Read more →