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Our top 8 vegan starter kits

On this page we have gathered together the top 8 vegan starter kits from Australia and around the world to help you get started on becoming vegan. You can download... Read more →

Changing the political landscape

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of The Australian Vegan Magazine (page 18). As vegans, it's easy to feel powerless in a seemingly impenetrable political system. As... Read more →

Record number of vegan events in one weekend

Saturday 22 April 2017 was Earth Day. It was also Vegan Education Day. Perhaps this explains why there were more vegan and animal rights events occurring around Australia on that... Read more →

Australian farmers ignoring the cow in the room

The recent Australian Farmer Climate Survey has found that 90% of farmers are concerned about damage to the climate and want more action on climate change. Farmers are experiencing rapid... Read more →

Making your vegan business a success

The amazing rise of veganism in Australia over the last few years has coincided with an equally impressive growth in vegan businesses. One example of this is the expansion of... Read more →

World's biggest vegan shop now open in Melbourne

As a demonstration of the amazing growth of veganism in Australia over the last few years, the biggest vegan shop in the world opened in Melbourne recently. This new branch... Read more →

Why facts don't change our minds

A recent article in The New Yorker Why facts don't change our minds gives a fascinating look at new discoveries about the human mind showing the limitations of reason. This... Read more →

Australian Vegans Journal Volume 2 out now

Volume 2 of the Australian Vegans Journal is now out. Download it, share it, gift it. The journal is an independent, ethical vegan publication with articles, interviews and photography by... Read more →

Give the government a piece of your mind!

The following article by Vegan Australia was printed in volume 2 of the Australian Vegans Journal. How can you get your voice heard in government? One way is by contributing... Read more →

In depth reports on Australian animal exploitation industries

In recent years organisations such as Animal Liberation and Voiceless have investigated the treatment of animals in the Australian animal agriculture industries. To help your understanding of just how horrific... Read more →