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But what about plants?

"Plants tho!" You've probably heard it before: plants feel pain and therefore somehow that makes eating animals OK! In this article, guest writer Penny Hall looks at the background of... Read more →

March to Close All Slaughterhouses 2018

Next week on Saturday 16 June 2018, Australians across the country will join together and march to raise awareness for the millions of farmed animals whose lives are cut short... Read more →

Survey request for vegan activism research

An honours student at the University of Queensland's School of Psychology, Ella Cotterell, is doing research into collective activism by vegans, looking at the ways vegans choose to be active... Read more →

Don't read the comments...

Social media can be a great place for animal advocacy: it bypasses the mainstream media system, it is followed widely by younger people, and it allows anyone to educate their... Read more →

Living vegan on a budget

One of the reasons many people struggle with adopting a vegan diet is the perception that it will be too expensive. This article will explore this perception, aiming to both... Read more →

Join the Dominion Animal Rights March next week

Dominion is a newly released documentary exposing the horror of animal farming. It shows standard practices in the Australian animal agriculture industry. The Dominion Animal Rights March is part of... Read more →

The power of the wholefoods plant based diet in the prevention and treatment of disease

This article was written by Alison Moore, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, and was first published in the newsletter of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses in March 2018. Almost... Read more →

World Day for the End of Fishing 2018

The 2018 World Day for the End of Fishing is coming up this weekend. This is the second year of this international campaign to bring awareness to the plight of... Read more →

Just good business: why all restaurants should add vegan options to their menu

From the local cafe to national chains, more and more restaurants are now catering to the growing demand for vegan food options: vegan pizzas at Domino's, Crust and Pizza Hut,... Read more →

Dominion animal rights documentary screenings start this month

The highly-anticipated animal rights documentary Dominion is launching at the end of this month. Written and directed by Chris Delforce of Aussie Farms, the film is a feature-length documentary focussing... Read more →