New Australian documentary: Raw Food for Life - Serving Love

"It’s the food. It’s been the food all along."

Serving Love is a personal story and documentary by Raw Food for Life about the impact of good nutrition on a wide range of ailments that we are faced with in our society today. Research consistently shows that adopting a natural, minimally-processed, plant-based diet is best because it can simultaneously impact multiple pathways to disease.

Serving Love shares the stories of people who have experienced profound health benefits by following a high raw plant based lifestyle, including overcoming illness and depression.

"Today food is consumed more for pleasure than nutrition but what if we can learn how to satisfy our pleasure receptors with nutrient dense raw plant foods? The good news is that we absolutely can! We will show you how to easily replace even the strongest food addictions such as cheese and bread, with delicious raw vegan alternatives. It’s time to begin a new loving and healthy relationship with food by saying yes to nature’s garden and re-establish the natural synergy that promotes health over illness."

Featuring interviews with Dr Michael Klaper, Dr Malcolm Mackay, Philip Wollen OAM and veteran raw runners Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray.

The two disc DVD set has everything you need to get started on your journey to wellness, including recipes and organic gardening. Available to purchase or rent now.


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