New Aussie film: doctors promote plant based diet

Could this new documentary be the Australian "What The Health"? Here are some quotes:

  • "The meat, dairy and egg industries are having quite a significant influence on the information going out to doctors." - Dr Malcolm Mackay
  • "Many of our chronic diseases are related to nutrition." - Dr Heleen Roex
  • "Nutrition is hardly taught in medical schools around the world. [It] is only taught for a few hours." - Dr Alphonse Roex
  • "Bad nutrition is behind so many of the chronic diseases that we treat." - Dr Malcolm Mackay
  • "A good 95% of what we [treat] are degenerative conditions that actually occur because of what we eat." - Dr Kim Williams
  • "As a doctor you want to heal patients. [Being able to heal patients using a whole food plant based diet is] so satisfying for a doctor as well, that you actually can see the patients get better." - Dr Heleen Roex

Titled "Is a whole food plant based diet the answer to chronic disease?", this informative short documentary was filmed in Melbourne at the Nutrition In Healthcare Symposium in January 2017. It features doctors from Australia and overseas discussing the benefits of a whole food plant based diet and how to successfully transition. Watch here:


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