Help make the June Vegan Easy Challenge huge!

Please spread the word!

The June Vegan Easy Challenge is still 10 days away and already attracting lots of attention. We have regular giveaways and major prizes from our generous vegan sponsors worth over $4,000! But you can help us make it even bigger!

Encourage others to sign up for the free 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge:

  • Print out our June Challenge poster and hang it on noticeboards or in establishments in your local area (ask for permission first). Download poster here.
  • Share on your social media. We have a special social media image for you to download and share online!
  • Invite a friend to join the 30 Day Challenge. Simply enter their name and email and we will send them an invitation right away.
  • Sign up yourself. Join here.

When you sign up for the Vegan Easy Challenge, you will receive 30 days of daily emails filled with inspiring content to help you complete the Challenge and remain vegan. You will also receive guidance from experienced vegan mentors and have access to a 30-day meal plan, hundreds of recipes, nutrition information, a guide to meal planning, an eating out directory and more.

Vegan Australia is a partner of Vegan Easy and the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, Australia's longest running 30-day vegan challenge. Vegan Easy promotes veganism as ethical, rational and earth-friendly and has helped hundreds of thousands of people open their hearts and minds to veganism.

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