Galahad's sanctuary is absolutely beautiful and the stars are clearly the two beautiful 4 year old Camels that were saved from being slaughtered and not turned into pet food. Caterpolt and Milkshake are extremely charismatic and cheeky, they clearly love attention and getting hugs and kisses. Lynn has done an amazing job making everyone who lives here feel safe and loved. We will start the day meeting at North Melbourne Railway station and boarding a chauffeured driven mini bus. We start every tour with breakfast and Argi in Kensington is 100% vegan. The food is stunning and full of flavour. After breakfast I want to introduce you all to natural healing remedies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been healing people for hundreds of years. Tong Kang Lee has been practicing Chinese Read more →
Saturday 13 February 2021
North Melbourne Railway Station, Melbourne, VIC (map)

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