Parwana Afghan Kitchen has been mentioned as a source of yummy vegan food. Come with us to try this out (or a re-visit if you've been there before). I don't have details about what's available on the menu. I going by recommendations and a reply from Parwana staff assuring me they have lots of vegan options. If you want to meet other vegans, enjoy middle-eastern food and are willing to try something new, come join us for an entertaining evening. If you have any suggestions about where to go on the last Friday of the month, please contact me. At a time when we are spoiled for choice, deciding where to go is the most difficult part of arranging these dinners. If you don't appreciate my whims and fancies, this is your opportunity to steer the decision making in another direction. Note that Read more →
6:30pm Friday 27 November 2020
Parwana Afghan Kitchen, Adelaide, SA (map)

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