This tour will be very special as we will be visiting Lynne McAlisters Animal sanctuary, Lynne has over 30 rescued Animals who have come to her to seek refuge and compassion over being slaughtered. All Animals are beautiful and I believe it's everyones wish that they be seen with the same Love and devotion we show our dogs and cats. Lynne saved two very special camels from an auction recently and they have been so delightful to watch online. Playful and cute they love chasing a giant ball around the paddock, one might think they understand the rules of soccer. Lol We will begin this tour having vegan breakfast. The highlight of this tour will be arriving at Galahad's sanctuary and meeting all the Animals who are mostly free to roam. This is a working sanctuary, (there will be animal poo Read more →
Saturday 7 November 2020
Yarraville Railway Station, Yarraville, VIC (map)

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