Welcome back to one of the festivals favourite cooks, even if this year is only via the screen! Come join us in the kidzone tent while Zac meets us via the marvels of the world wide web! Zac is a home cook who loves to create food that is fatty, indulgent, and all the things people think vegan food shouldn't be. He started an Instagram account in order to surround himself with more cruelty free food and fell in love with engaging the community and creating things to share. Since then, he's operated a pop-up ice-cream shop, worked with brands to introduce their vegan products, given food demonstrations, and had his recipes shared around the world. He loves anything deep fried and gluttonous and is most happy in his kitchen with some funky music playing. You can find him anywhere delicious Read more →
11:30am Sunday 1 November 2020
Rymill Park, Adelaide, SA (map)

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