With more vegans exploring a plant based diet for their fur family, we thought it was time to bring the experts in to make sure we are doing the best thing by them. Malina Fielder explains how to produce a healthy, vegan diet for your dog. Many vegan pet owners are interested in switching their pets from a meat based food to a more humane, plant based food. However, the internet is full of unprofessional instructions, and many people give up thinking that it is not possible to feed their dog a healthy, vegan diet. In this workshop, we will explain that any complete and balanced diet, including plant-based diet, is healthy and can be used as a dog food. Pet owners will get an explanation on the nutritional values of plant-based dog food compared to dog's nutritional requirements. They will Read more →
12:30pm Sunday 1 November 2020
Rymill Park, Adelaide, SA (map)

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