Make healthy and yummy Ramen at home with ease! DID YOU KNOW? Most Japanese restaurants use lots of MSG in their cooking! These restaurants also don't use traditional methods, which means the food loses taste AND nutrition! But don't worry! This class is MSG free and we will use traditional methods to make our food yummy and healthy! Although this class WHAT'S ON THE MENU! Shoyu ramen (soy sauce-based) Shoyu konnyaku ramen Miso ramen - there's no MSG! Green leaf salad with carrot and miso dressing Create yummy ramen toppings Master cooking the best egg-free ramen noodles! Blancmange Organic matcha green tea We use REAL Japanese Superfoods in this cooking class! DISCOVER THE POWER OF JAPANESE SUPERFOODS HERE IT'S ONLY $150! For only $150, you get a 2-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn Read more →
2:00pm Sunday 30 August 2020
Loft and Earth, Bondi Junction, NSW (map)

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