Make ALIVE and yummy organic miso with ease! DID YOU KNOW? Most miso is DEAD and real miso is ALIVE? Most Japanese restaurants serve miso soup using DEAD miso and MSG But don't worry! This class is you are going to get to learn how to make TRADITIONAL and ALIVE miso which has much more nutrients and most importantly, very tasty! WHAT'S ON THE MENU! Home made miso Steamed quinoa rice Instant miso soup Konyakku miso marinade with green vegetables Wakame kinpira Seasonal vegetable salad Organic Matcha green tea Learn what miso is, various types of miso and why miso is good for you Learn how to make organic ALIVE miso - easy and failure free way! Learn what to expect after making miso Cook yummy, easy and healthy dishes using miso and other Japanese superfoods for your lunch Take home freshly Read more →
10:00am Sunday 23 August 2020
O'Uchi Japanese Restaurant, Sydney NSW (map)

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