Learn how to make and cook with tofu at this workshop in Rozelle. Tofu, or beancurd, is one of the plant-based world's truly versatile high protein calcium rich foods. Whether you go hard with a quick and easy meal of crumbled tofu scramble, or go soft with a melt-in-the-mouth Agedashi or creamy vegan mayo: there are so many uses for this high-protein food. Join this workshop to learn how to make your own tofu - and then discover some of the many things you can do with it. Along the way you'll learn how to make and use soy milk and okara - the by-product bean pulp, which is a great way to super-charge your breads, burgers or cookies. You'll also learn about the nutritional benefits of tofu, as a good source of amino acids (especially lysine), calcium, iron and more and why it is good to Read more →
6:00pm Tuesday 26 May 2020
Sydney Community College, Rozelle NSW (map)

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