Learn how to make and stuff your own vegetarian dumplings at this practical evening workshop in Rozelle. Join author and wholefood educator, Marcea Klein, for a tour of the world's favourite dumplings - from Gyoza to Momos and more. Dumplings are a perennial favourite featured in many world cuisines, with each culture having its own unique style and flavours. A healthy comfort food, they can be made quickly using the simplest ingredients - and adapted to suit whatever seasonal stuffings you have to hand. Join the workshop to explore different cultural takes on the humble dumpling flavours, shapes and cooking styles - to take home and try with family and friends. Stuffed with your favourite sweet or savoury fillings, it's impossible to stop at just a few of these salty and moreish parcels Read more →
6:00pm Monday 18 May 2020
Sydney Community College, Rozelle NSW (map)

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