Not only do spices bring vibrant & exotic flavours to Indian cuisine, they also have powerful medicinal and healing properties. Coupled with the fresh abundance of whole plant foods, you'll learn to make dishes that are as nourishing as they are delicious. In this small-group, 3-hour workshop, you'll learn to create a banquet of simple but elegant recipes that will be easy to integrate into every day life. The class will consist of primarily demonstrated recipes, during which time you'll get all the instruction you need to feel confident about recreating them at home. As we cook, we'll have the opportunity to chat about food choices including seasonal ingredients, the healing properties of oil-free, whole, plant based foods and explore the current fad diets and food trends. You'll learn Read more →
3:00pm Sunday 3 May 2020
Nourish Food & Wellness, Stirling SA (map)

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