Le arn all the basics of preserving summer fruits! This is our sweetest workshop and the one to teach you how to transform seasonal fruit into perfect jams and marmalades, plus you'll learn how simple it is to make you're own version of canned fruit. We'll share with you all of the fundamentals of sweet preserving from 'setting point' to storage and explain how important pectin, acidity and temperature is when preserving fruits. Traditional and modern methods will be discussed and there will lots of guidance and inspiration for interesting fruit combinations and flavours, plus plenty of tastings! After this class you can throw away your jam recipes and start preserving on your own. So, join us for some sweet talk and go home with all kinds of treats for the pantry. Learn to make and go Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 21 March 2020
Cornersmith, Marrickville, NSW (map)

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